Monday, October 15, 2012

Columbus, Ohio Premiere Beauty Classics.

I just got back from a busy weekend in Columbus Ohio to share my thoughts and ideas on  how to create beautiful hair color using tools from many of my mentors in the past 20+ years, yes 20+ years....Time fly's when your having fun!  I had the pleasure of created on 2 totally different canvases.  Both of my models had level 4, the difference was one was cool brown and one was warm brown.    



American Baliage technique creating soft caramel shades running through.  I started in the bottom nape working up and forward on diagnal and ALL slices, leaving only 15% of her natural in between foil....yes its alot of work but beautiful believable results!  Focusing the 8Gc+ as her focus hair color.

Formula 1- Joico K-Pak 8Gc+ with 40 volume
Formula 2- Joico K-Pak 6Cg+ with 20 volume
Formula 3- Joico K-Pak &FOR with 20 volume

Soft Ombre technique....I started with in the nape coloring ALL ends in foils, applying haircolor only on mid-lenghts and ends and slices on a soft diagonal to create an endless beginning.

Formula 1-Joico HLG with double 40 volume, process for 60 minutes.
Cleansed and dried and started part 2 of this creation.

Created dept on her regrowth out to 4-6 inches and carmel on the ends.

Formula 1-Wella Color Touch 1 oz 6-45, 1 oz 44/45, and 2 oz of 1.9%
Formula 2-Redken SEQ 1oz 9AA, 1oz 6WG,m and 2oz processing solution.

Processed for 30 minutes....Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful!