Saturday, July 19, 2014

Professionalism in the Beauty Industry

When you set out to become a business owner regardless of the industry it takes a great deal of skill with a mind set to become inhabited with the so called “machine” that business is. Running any business takes hard work, dedication, time, and money. Entrepreneurship can be challenging in many ways, but if it is truly your passion to own a business then the drive inside of you will not allow you to give up. In addition to your own contributions, it is vital you hire and fill your business with professional employees who help you reach your goals and who can benefit from you to reach their own goals. These should synchronize together.

In my twenty plus years in the beauty industry and eight years of being a salon owner, I have learned many things, but most importantly I have stayed grounded in my original beliefs. Since the beginning I strongly believe in an associate program to empower and build the knowledge of the people that will be working with you. This program gives the associates hands on experience, where they will learn the true fundamentals of hair coloring and haircutting. With this one of a kind education agenda in place, you allow yourself a sense of peace and confidence that you have taught them to be a well representation of the salon brand. I have learned many things in my past eight years of being a salon owner I have seen everything that you could possibly see, good and bad in the beauty industry. I have zero tolerance for IGNORANCE and STUPIDITY.­­­ I do not put up with tardiness, gum chewing, coming to work without makeup or hair done, nor especially disrespecting upper management. These issues limit the ability to be a team member. In any situation I will take immediate action, reprimanding the employee and taking additional action depending on the certain situation. My recommendation to run a fully staffed, professional salon is to follow through on all of the policies set in the contract each employee signed before working. There should be no favoritism, everyone is created equal. Lastly, work is work. There needs to be a separation from your business and your personal life. The way your employees act is based on respect.

At Salon Ratay I hire staff that is professionally the best of the best, in my eyes. The most important characteristics I look for in future employees are motivation, hardworking, and most importantly the desire to be the best they can be. A professional employee must be polished from head to toe, eager to be critiqued, and must be well spoken or willing to learn. Your team is only as strong as your weakest member. The most important piece of knowledge any Service Provider needs to remember is: We are here to serve the guests. It is always all about the guest.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Summer Hair Care and Style

Summer is a great time to be out doors and enjoy the warm weather! Whether you’re lying by the pool, soaking up rays at the beach, or even a friendly backyard barbeque, the summer is full of excitement and fun. Although you may be having a blast, your hair may not be. 
The summer can do as much damage to your hair as it can to your skin. The UV rays emitted by the sun increases the oxidation of the dye, whether it is artificial or pigmented, in your hair. This creates the color to fade and removes moisture, leaving a dry “canvas”.  It is very important to protect your hair just as much as you protect your skin. Although, there are products for your hair that protect your hair, just as sunscreen protects your skin. I highly recommend Minardi Prewash Therapy which protects your hair from harsh dryness created by the sun. It nourishes and strengthens with phytocologin and ceramide 2.
Prewash application
1.       Start with dry hair

2.       Saturate with product mid to end

3.       Tuck hair into a bun.

4.       Precede with daily routine

5.       Cleanse after activity

Although the sun can cause the majority of breakage to your hair, the wading in the pool and swimming through the ocean also cause damage. The harsh chemicals and salt water strip the hair of nutrients and may even cause it to turn blue! As mentioned above the Minardi prewash can shield against the sun, but it also can defend against the pool and ocean. In addition to the prewash, Kerastase has two products specifically for this use. Aqua-Seal and Huile Celeste are part of the sun-exposure line, and they are sprays which limits the negative effects of the sun, chlorine, and salt water. Summer styles can be cute, fun, and easy. Here are some tips from my expert designer Alicia Delbrey!
Creative Artistic Director at Salon Ratay

One of the hot styles of the summer season is the beachy textured look. This style can be achieved without even going to the beach and exposing your hair to harmful elements. With just a couple products you’ll have the sexy style everyone wishes to achieve.

Beachy Texture

1.       I recommend not washing hair for 2-4 days

2.       Then apply dry shampoo, my recommendation is Kerastase Powder Bluff which absorbs all the oils in your hair helping create more texture

3.       After the dry shampoo, grab a texture spray. My favorite is Kerastase Spray à Porter. Make sure to shake, then tilt head to the side, spray, and scrunch.

With these three simple steps, you have now created a great summer look!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

IBS Las Vegas 2014

Summer is in full force! Hot! Hot! Hot!  I’m sure many of you are thinking the same thing I am, where did the month of June go!

My team and I just recently returned from the IBS Las Vegas show, and let me tell you it was a huge success! Our agenda was a little different for this year’s show; first of all we didn’t stay on the strip. Honestly I’m not a fan of all the hustle and bustle of it. We rented a car and Jacob, made reservations at the Westin Lake Spa & Resort on Lake Meade, which was absolutely perfect! The views are stunning! The atmosphere is relaxing there was a since of tranquility that came upon me.

Besides the switch in where we stayed, I was scheduled to give a 1 ½ lecture on Saturday, The truth about Haircolor, which was a first for me in all my years teaching at any major hair show. Let me tell you Vegas showed the LOVE! Saturday’s lecture was an energetic force of over 100 beauty professionals sharing their thoughts, knowledge, and concerns on haircolor! Phenomenal turn out! With a color language that flowed continuously the entire lecture we discussed the Ph scale, MEA, The Hydrogen Peroxide truth, & the level system. There was GREAT energy in the room! I LOVE when other Hairdressers are as excited and thrilled as I am to know about haircolor.

On Sunday my hands-on workshop which SOLD OUT was just perfect. The class was a jammed packed, 3 hours of Beth Minardi Signature haircolor, 4 different techniques which included Over-the-top, European Ombre, American Balige, and Modern Ombre with a Q & A that was quite intriguing. It is extremely rewarding as an educator when you look out at your audience and you literally see the "AHA!" Appear on their face! It is this very moment in what drives me to teach, inspire, and influence hairdressers to become the best that they can be. Whether they're behind their chair, in their salon, or in the city that they live in.

So overall the change in my schedule for this show was truly wonderful. My team and I were able to fly home on Monday morning with time to re-group and collect ourselves before starting the work week.  Thank you IBSLV for another spectacular show! In addition to all the dedicated hairdressers that inspire me to teach. Never stop learning and growing as we are the face of this beauty industry.

If you have any questions about haircolor or anything in general related to our industry please do not hesitate to email me at