Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Studio B NYC

I am very excited to announce my newest venture! I will now be working alongside Beth Minardi and other MAC members at their new salon, Studio B NYC, in the upper east side of New York City, New York. Studio B is an expression of modern luxury which will cater to Upper East Side residents as well as celebrities, and elite clientele. The salon will offer a complete range of haircutting, texturing, and styling, coupled with matchless haircolor enhancement.  Many of my previous clients are thrilled that I will be back to create their beautiful color again.  I am very excited to get back to expanding the Ratay brand nationwide and working with Beth Minardi Signature and alongside inspiring professionals with the same vision of color I do. What better place to revive my passion than New York City?! My first trip will be September 20th through the 22nd and will be going up there monthly from Saturday through Tuesday, so if you’re in the area stop by and see me! When I am not there my new PR Company will be representing me and expanding my brand to clientele and other beauty professionals. I am so excited to get back to New York and walk the streets there.  The culture is so different, even just stepping out of the car. The fashion and creativity of haircolor and design inspires me.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Upcoming Color Forum!

I will be having a private Color Forum class on September 28, 2015 here at Salon Ratay in Lake Mary, FL. The class starts at 10:00am and concludes at 5:00pm. I have had five previous color forums, so this makes the sixth. The day will be filled with an in depth conversation about haircolor. We will review topics I've discussed in previous classes such as the difference between MEA and ammonia, “organic” haircolor, and the new technology called ME+ which is a derivative of PPD and PPT, but also we will discuss different topics such as hair color application processes like permanent and demi permanent grey coverage, foil tecniques such as baliage and sombre, the hair color oxidation differences in hair color formations, and fundamentals of a business such as pricing, budgets and marketing. I love teaching classes at my salon because it is such an intimate setting. Everyone can actively participate, as well as ask as many questions as they can think of without having such a huge crowd. I feel like my students and even I walk away with much more knowledge of every aspect of the hair color industry. You do not want to miss it!

Tuition cost is $199.00 per person. We are pleased to offer our “Friend Package”. Bring a colleague or industry friend and their tuition is $99.00 when you purchase a full price ticket.(a savings of $100.00) Call Salon Ratay at 407-320-5151 or email salonrataymanager@cfl.rr.com for more information.

Check out our website www.salonratay.com for any other information!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Savannah's Next Step

In the past two months there have been some major events that have happened in my family life. My daughter, Savannah, graduated from high school in May, and my son, Lee Michael, finished his last school days in elementary school, ready to transition into middle school. After Savannah’s graduation all attention was to her next step to Florida State University. Savannah decided to start in the summer to get a head start on classes and her college career in nursing. She was to move in June 27 so we had the month of June to prepare for this big step.

A couple weeks before she started we had a great time shopping for all those college necessities like a laundry basket, microwave, bedding, hangers, and everything you can imagine. This much stuff led to two cars full on move in day. We left around 7 am on Saturday morning, Savannah and I went in her car and Mike and Lee Michael in another. This was the first time Savannah drove the four hours straight to Tallahassee in her own car. I made her do it so that I would feel safe that she could do this safely for the various times she would have to without me. (Hopefully frequently to see her mom ;) ) We had to register between 9am-1pm.

We finally arrived to Southgate, Savannah’s new dorm on the fifth floor. I did a quick snapchat to some of my friends on this momentous occasion. I immediately received a reply back from one of my close friends, Bryn Auld. She was over excited because Savannah ended up in the exact same dorm room she had when she went to school there. It was a crazy coincidence and Mike, my husband, would not believe it for one second…haha. It took us a couple hours to move everything in and then a quick trip to Walmart and Target to get those last minute dorm essentials. After we were all done we went to dinner at a local restaurant called Andrew’s Grill and bar which was great. After a full day we were exhausted and all went back to the hotel for some rest. Savannah even stayed with us because her roommate hadn’t moved in yet and she didn’t want to be alone. On Sunday we had brunch and made some finale touches such as connecting the printer before leaving around 4pm. Although, right before we left we walked around campus to her two classes she would be taking during the summer semester. I felt relieved knowing she would know where to go even when I wouldn’t be there to help her.

When we left it was full of mixed emotions for me. She makes me so proud, but sad as a mother who wants her little girl to continue to sleep in her own bed at home with me. I am just unbelievably grateful for the daughter I have and the nursing degree she’s pursuing. Now Savannah has been up there for two weeks and is almost halfway done with her six week semester. We are all adjusted to her not being here, but Mike is having the hardest time with it. He has been nonstop texting and calling her within the last week. I have to constantly continue to tell him to back off because she is okay. As a whole we are so happy and proud of her, but can’t wait to see her soon!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Beth Minardi Signature "Rolodex Wrap"

Beth Minardi Signature "Rolodex Wrap"

Now, for those over 40 we know what Rolodex is but for those under 30....let me give you a brief definition. A Rolodex is  a desktop card index used to record names, addresses, and telephone numbers, in the form of a rotating spindle or a small tray to which removable cards are attached. The Rolodex coloring technique is a design to replicate the hair coloring days of the 1940's. As you can see in the picture below, the foils look exactly like the card index tray.   The technique follows the shape of the head with very fine delicate slices alternating multiple shades.  Another known description of Rolodex is shade on shade. For the selection of color, if someone is a natural 6, we would alternate level by using 7, 8 or 9. 

 Beth Minardi's"Rolodex Wrap" was held in Columbus, Ohio on June 8th.   It was a great event with a gratifying group.  I had such wonderful conversations with the attendees.  The one question that stood out to me was, What would happen if we did the Rolodex with aggressive colors? For example, black and red. Using the Rolodex technique will give a very avant-garde result.  It will be bold and fun, remember to follow the very fine delicate slices!

By the end of the day everyone was enthusiastic and successful, receiving their certification that they can be proud to hang up and conquer the Rolodex!!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Orlando Premiere Beauty Show

This year’s Orlando Premiere Beauty Show was bigger and better than ever before. It also happens to be the biggest beauty show put on in the country every year. Premiere also puts on Premiere Columbus and Premiere Birmingham which are always the largest every year followed by Orlando. The show floor has a mass amount of exhibits from booths on salon software, building business, color manufacturers, salon furniture, and of course my favorite booths on face and body products. I actually spent a bit of time in the PCA (Physician's Choice of Arizona Company) booth looking at all of their new products, wishing I could own all of them.

Additionally, there are stages for all categories of beauty such as hair color, hair design, makeup, and many more. Many people come to watch experienced professionals share their knowledge on their spin on their talented skill. There were even some special events such as fashion shows by Paul Mitchell and Keratin Complex that are always exciting to watch. I had one of my color conversation lectures on one of the color stages on Sunday morning. The audience was filled with over 200 talented hairdressers; it’s always rewarding to share my knowledge with them.

In even another section of the convention center where Orlando Premiere show was held, there were many classrooms where you could take a class on basically anything you wanted to learn or increase your skill on. I had two classes of my own just like most of the shows I go to about my Haircolor Applications, Techniques, and Trademarks. When I was not teaching my classes I got to sit in a class through a company called Summit. The class was on business building which was refreshing to listen to new ideas and reinstate others. Christina the teacher spoke on topics such as the front desk, customer service, and livelihood of a successful business. It really helped me take a look inside my own business to make changes to improve and make it the best it can be.

Overall the weekend at Orlando Premiere Beauty Show was a great one. I had a great lecture and two, three hour hands on classes. It’s always rewarding to me to help other hairdressers think differently about hair color.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Image Expo Houston 2015

For the past show I went to, I traveled to the Lone Star State for Image Expo hair show in Houston, Texas. It was an exciting weekend filled with a few curve balls. Although, they ended up being an exciting learning experience for me.

Jennifer Aniston's baby lights technique.

The show in Houston started with my color conversation on Sunday from 9:30am to 11am. We discussed the trends in 2015 such as the sombre, which is here to stay. The sombre is different from the ombre because it is a much softer version. I would almost describe it as the marrying of colors instead of such a huge contrast in the midlengths and ends in the ombre. Another trend is called baby lights this year; Jennifer Aniston looks amazing with this trend. Baby lights incorporates soft delicate pieces that, unlike sombre, go from the scalp to the ends. A more complex version of the baby lights would be incorporating many of these highlights which are around the same level such as 6, 7, and 8 or 7, 8, and 9. I love my color lectures and the hour I have always seems so short.

I also had two hands on classes which ended up being over sold. It was a great thing but I was very stressed because I was really only prepared for half the amount that showed up. When I found out the night before the class, I had so much anxiety I couldn’t sleep. In the morning I planned a solution to have stations, and oh my…it was one of the greatest ideas I have in a long time. Since my classes are usually long being 3 hours the stations made the time break up and time went by quickly. For an hour and a half I described the techniques and demonstrated so the attendees would be able to repeat the same process. Then going from station to station, experienced attendees wouldn’t have to take as much time on each mannequin head, but newer students could take as much time as they wanted and add more foils. It was a huge AHAH moment for me, and I knew it was meant to happen because I am definitely running my classes that way from now on. Then to end my class we had an intimate Q and A which is always my favorite part. I love conversing about color and even more about business. It so interesting to me to hear from people what works in there salon and what hasn’t. It’s beneficial to all of us business owners to see how other businesses run and maybe even learn something.

I left so enthused about how a bad situation turned in to such a good solution. Beth Minardi and I also got together for dinner. We went to a great place called the Groove. I had a mouthwatering chicken with crisp chardonnay. We chatted about the new studio Beth just opened in New York, and how excited I am to I will be joining on a monthly basis. Houston was definitely an eye opener and a great experience. I also have recently heard about the floods there and my hearts and prayers go out to everyone and their families living there.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Sherry Ratay Color Forum

This past Monday was my Color Forum here at Salon Ratay. It was an exciting, long day full of color! Additionally, I’m going to give you a step-by-step story of how busy my daily routine is on a normal day. To start I wake up at 6:15am; wash my face, brush my teeth, and get dress then I head down stairs to fix LeeMichael my son’s breakfast before waking him up. I enjoy bringing him to school it’s like our special time together to chat about all kinds of different things. This particular morning I had a parent-teacher conference scheduled with his teacher at7:45am. (He forgot to turn in a few assignments) After the conference I arrive at the salon around 8:15am. Alicia, the creative artistic director arrives at 8:45am and she shampoo and styled my hair, so I look great for the day. Jacob, the salon manager also arrives at 8:45am to set up the tables and chairs and place all the color literature out. The rest of my staff arrives at 9:30am to help with any finishing touches and we are ready for the day to begin!!

 Before the attendees arrive, my first model Paige arrives so that we can prep her hair. It is important to have the hair smooth down so that you can see the texture of the hair and previous color application. Attendees start arriving, once everyone is signed in we begin with an introduction of myself then I go around the table having each person tell everyone a little bit about themselves. Before I start the first model I like to read haircolor facts that are recently published from creditable sources. So now let’s talk about Paige’s hair. We were actually fortunate because she came in with a previous Ombre application done wrong. First, I showed everyone how we needed to approach the previous application in what to erase and how to recreate a new fresh beautiful Ombre. Her color was placed too far up the hair strand; and the ends were oxidized to dark. It drives me crazy when I see an Ombre application!! During our color process I showed the correct technique in order for us to have a softer, more appealing version of the Ombre. While Paige was processing we discussed the way a colorist should analyze the hair strand as a piece of fabric, and the importance of knowing where the hair lives in placing your haircolor. We discussed many topics during the day such as the difference between MEA and ammonia, “organic” haircolor, and the new technology from Proctor and Gamble called ME+ which is a derivative of PPD and PPT.
Our second model cancelled last minute due to an eye infection which kind of left me in a bind. Luckily one of the gracious attendees needed a base retouch. This was a coincidence because when I first noticed her upon arriving I knew I would use her as a model. She was a soft redhead but her color was very hollow. It was an open discussion on what to create on her considering her eye color, skin tone and personality. We decided to lifted her foundation to covered her grey here is what we used; Beth Minardi Signature (BMS) permanent 1 oz. of 6NCB and ½ oz. of 7OG with 20 vol. developer. On her mid-lengths and ends we created different shades of red with the following two formulas; the first was BMS Demi Crème 1 oz of 5CB and 1oz of 7NCG with 5 vol. developer. The second formula was 1 oz. of BMS Permanent 11GO with 40 vol. developer. She processed for 45 minutes (at room temperature) was cleansed, dried then glazed with BMS liquid 10C and 5 vol. developer. It was absolutely beautiful, full of shine and soft dimension. As a finishing touch we softened her brows with BMS permanent 8G and 6G equal parts with 20 vol. giving an end result of 7G.

After lunch, which was provided by my dear friend Jean, it was right back to business. I handed out a color assessment test for each attendee to take so I could see what they really knew about hair color, I like to go through each question in helping the group to fully understand each answer. Our last model was our very own colorist here at Salon Ratay, Rebekkah Breeding. Unfortunately she is so young, in her 20s, but already has 25% grey hair. Her formula consisted of BMS Demi Crème 3BB and 4BG with 5 vol developer she processed for 20 minutes under heat and 20 minutes without. We closed with a discussion about my next local hair show, Premiere Orlando on May 30 through June 1st hope to see you there!!

Once the attendees left at 5pm my staff and I cleaned up the salon, and I scooted off to watch my son’s baseball game at 5:30.  The game lasted until 8 and we headed home for dinner. I cooked spaghetti and meatballs while also preparing the kids lunches for the next school day. By the time I got in the shower around 10:30 I was exhausted, but it is always worth it! It was a fantastic color filled day!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Prom Season 2015

Prom season has arrived, and it’s time to prepare for the big night. Hair and makeup are of the most important necessities to look perfect on prom night. That is why here at Salon Ratay we’re fully prepared to recreate the latest prom styles and trends. Our expert designers are ready for intricate updos and flawless makeup applications. Many stylists are apprehensive about prom/wedding season because some updos can be quite challenging. Our designers are experienced to be able to create any formal style. Here are some of the trends we created in the salon.

In creating these formal up-styles our designers chose some of the following products. First, Gloss Appeal by Kerastase before using a hot tool to add an instant shine top coat to the hair. While shaping the hair to style we added one pump of Elixir Ultime oil by Kerastase for added shine and smoothness. For the final touch we used Laque Noire finishing spray by Kerastase for anti-humidity strong hold finish. These products ensure you will have a shiny, long-lasting formal style that will last throughout your exciting evening.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

American Beauty Show Chicago

Recently I traveled to Chicago to work with Beth Minardi at the American Beauty Show (ABS). Beth was to present four days on main stage for her company Beth Minardi Signature shades. Each day detailed a full day of prepping beautiful models… seven to be exact! Which were colored by Beth, Buddy, Chloe and I and styled by the talented Stephen Wang aka “Fashion Dragon”.  Along with the very busy show schedule, Behind-the-chair magazine (BTC) held there 15th annual  Stylist Choice Awards which is an evening of glitz and glam for our industry in recognizing educators, manufactures and products it’s our “Academy Award” night for the beauty industry. I would like to touch briefly on the weather while I was there FREEZING & SNOWY which this Florida woman isn’t use to! I never felt warm enough the entire time…burr… I get chills just thinking about it!

The first day was the day of fully prepping each model with her distinct haircolor Beth, Buddy and I started by openly discussing each formula for each girl. Beth would start on one model and then either Buddy or I would take over and finish. This was the most interesting day to me because it was amazing to see that regardless of who started or finished the ending result was identical. Of course as artists we each think differently in our ability to create beautiful haircolor but it goes to show  the history we’ve had with each other and the education we have empowered ourselves with in  being taught the proper way to color hair. The seven models ranged from a scarlet red head, a cherry brunette, a ginger blonde and a golden blonde. I must say it was quite impressive to see them in their all white dresses this stunningly accentuated the haircolor. Each girl paired it with pink platinum heels which were perfect for a pop of spring. The next three days consisted of an open forum teaching environment, with Beth speaking about each model and her formula. A few topics she discussed were how to enhance any canvas you encounter regardless of past or present color. As she described what she was speaking on, Buddy and I demonstrated the process on that model.

On Sunday night we all attended the Stylist Choice Awards hosted by Mary Procter Gamble editor in chief of Behind the Chair magazine. There were a ton of different categories as I mentioned earlier but the highlight for me was Beth and Beth Minardi Signature shades being nominated in two categories, one for best demi crème color and the other was favorite color educator. She won the award for Favorite Color Educator of 2015. This prestige’s award was well deserved for Beth and I was very excited for her as we all know she strives to elevate haircolor to an art form. It was overall great to be around such inspiring, highly recognized professionals in the beauty industry. We are all there for the love of what we do and the beauty industry.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Professional Retail Products

Professional retail products are vital in maintaining shine, health and the integrity of your hair. As a colorist I strongly believe in using homecare products when away from the salon. In operating and owning a successful salon it is vital to have professional products available for sale, not only for the importance of hair health but also it’s a huge monetary asset in sustaining a prosperous salon business.  At Salon Ratay we carry three exclusive lines Kerastase, SHU UEMURA & Minardi which each are different price points allowing us to target the consumer in different financial ways, yet assuring each guest quality professional products BACKED BY A GUARANTEE( I won’t even start about on-line buying through third parties) For Salon Ratay, Kerastase makes up about 65% of our retail sales followed by Shu Uemura which is 21% then following with Minardi Luxury Color Care pulling in about the last 11% of our retail sales. We also carry a few miscellaneous products (brushes, customized color conditioners & styling tools) that I feel are important to sell in the salon that make up the other 2%. Since Salon Ratay is a departmentalized salon retail is split with colorists that sell shampoo, conditioners and masques, while designers sell all leave-in’s and styling products.

With each guest, my colorists analyze the condition of their hair, addressing the most important needs and concerns and then will select specifically from Kerastase, SHU UEMURA or Minardi to create the ultimate homecare regimen for each individual guest.  Remember, there are many different types of categories in a product line that address different issues; moisture, shine, color protection, volume, revitalizing…the list goes on. Professional products don’t just help the guests; they also help the colorists by having a balanced canvas in order to create beautiful seasonal haircolor. Designers
also recommend products that help guests replicate the look they receive in the salon; whether it is a mousse for volume, anti-frizz serum for a polished look, or finishing spray for that perfect hold.  It is a large expense for a salon to carry inventory as it is “money sitting on the shelf” until SOLD.

Currently Salon Ratay has about $12,000.00 dollars’ worth of “at cost” products on our shelves at a time. Therefore you can see how important it is from the business side that my service providers are doing their job in educating and selling retail to every guest that enters the salon.
Furthermore, I see both sides to the importance of having and selling profe
ssional salon products, from the colorist point it is my job to inform and keep my guest hair in the most optimal condition, allowing me to have endless creativity. As a salon owner, retail sales pay for operating expenses, maintenance, and additional revenue to each service provider. IT’S A PROFIT WIN WIN!!

In closing, it is always great to give your staff incentives to keep them motivated in selling, as we all can drop the ball at times. At Salon Ratay we have friendly competition between services providers on who can sell the most products, or who can sell the most products in a day… spice it up! Keep it fun for you and your salon. We’ve had prizes such as iPads, gift cards, Starbucks to even a year
incentive in winning a three day cruise.  In conjunction with staff motivation I also do retail offers through email for the guest such as BOGO ½ off, all SHU UEMURA 25% off, and buy two get one complimentary and so on. At the end of the day retail sales equal many successful equations, find a product brand that fits your salon and create a retail program that works for your staff. 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Importance of Marketing a Salon

One of the most important aspects of running a salon is having a strategic marketing plan, which brings new guests in and motivates existing guests to return. When I decided to open Salon Ratay in 2006 I, myself, had to learn this because in the beginning I wasn't a salon owner; I only had to market myself because I was an independent contractor. Through multiple business classes and with time and experience, I learned how important it is to implement a marketing plan.

First, you must learn where to market and advertise your salon. I feel it is important to advertise on a variety of sources because of the diversity of guests. They don’t all function the same way. I use both internet and print sources to target all generations. Some sources of print include local area publication such as “Lake Mary Life” and “Lifestyle” which are local publications in my area. Look for a reputable source in your area if they are available. 

Furthermore, the internet is just as important if not more important with the development of social media. It is one of the largest FREE marketing sources for a business. We use social media (Facebook, twitter, Instagram) along with the Salon Ratay website (http://salonratay.com/) to reach the internet audience. Your salon’s website needs to speak about what your image is like and how the brand experience will be in your salon. It all comes down to the details because that is what really makes a first impression. For example, I also have a simple clickable logo on the website’s homepage with a promotion specifically for new guests only because, remember, most people on your website are going to be inquiring potential clients. One online advertising experience I had that did not work was using the “Google Ad Click”. I had less than a 2% return, and you had to pay every time someone would click the link. That type of advertisement definitely did not work for Salon Ratay! I also would like to touch on the use of “Groupon”. In my eyes groupons are for the “one timers”, the people that are only interested in a deal and don’t usually come back. That is why I have never chosen to advertise my salon on “Groupon” because those aren't the clientele we look for. Salon Ratay is a destination not a location.

In addition to advertising for new clients, it is also important to continue to encourage current guests to return. We have a loyalty program at Salon Ratay in which guests earn reward points on each a la carte service they receive, and once they reach a certain amount of points they are awarded with $10 off any retail products bought in the salon. I feel this system shows our appreciation and gratitude to returning guests for their loyalty and commitment to their service provider and Salon Ratay, and also helps increase the sales of retail. Another way we market for new guests at the salon is through our referral card program. Referral Cards are given out by every service provider to every guest they see. How they work is if the existing guest refers a new guest with the card to the colorist or designer in to the salon they receive $20 off their first service, as well as, the existing guest also will receive $20 off their future service. I believe for Salon Ratay the referral card program is the number one way to build business. This past year we received our highest return in nine years on the cards; we received a 56% return of new guests, and the best part about this type of advertising is it is at no expense!

In conclusion, when creating a marketing strategy for your business it is vital that your staff is on the same page as well. Both you and your staff should monitor frequently how well each advertisement or promotion worked or did not work. This ensures you will continue to improve and adjust your marketing program and strategies to secure continual growth of your business. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

57th Annual Grammy's Hair Color Recreation

Last Sunday was the 57th annual Grammy Awards Show for the music industry. I was impressed by the performances and the Grammys awarded. I will say my favorite performance of the evening was Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett's duo because they are both true talented artists. The audience was filled with tasteful celebrities dressed in unique and classic designer attire, and I could not help but notice the array of hair color as well. Throughout the show I was inspired to recreate a few celebrity hair color formulas with the Beth Minardi Signature Shades (BMS) hair color line. A few of my favorite looks are disclosed below.

Carrie Underwood - Natural level 6
American Bailage
Formula 1: Vero light 20 vol, lift to pale yellow
Formula 2: Lowlight with BMS demi crème 1 ½ oz 9BG and ½ oz 8BB 5 vol
Formula 3: Glaze with BMS demi liquid, equal parts 10G and 10BB, with 5 vol BMS developer, process for 10 minutes

Beyonce -Natural level 2
Formula 1: Base retouch with BMS permanent 7ICE with 20vol developer
Formula 2: highlight with L’Oreal Platinium non ammonia paste with 40 vol developer, lift to yellow
Formula 3: Lowlights: BMS demi crème 5BG and 9GO 5 vol
Formula 4: Glaze with 8BB BMS demi liquid, 5 vol, process for 10 minutes
Jessica Chastain - Natural level 7
Formula 1: Base retouch with ½ oz 6CG and 1 ½ oz 8C BMS demi liquid, 5 vol developer
Formula 2: lowlight with 7NCG BMS demi crème, 5 vol developer, Shampoo and blowdry
Formula 3: Glaze with 10C BMS demi liquid, 5 vol developer, process for 10 minutes

Lady Gaga - Natural level 6
Formula 1: Global application with Joico Crème on scalp lightener, Lift to pale yellow, Shampoo and blowdry

Formula 2: BMS liquid 1 ½ oz 10ICE and 1 oz 7ICE, 5 vol, Let process 10 minutes with heat and 10 with cool

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Color Conversations with Beth Minardi

My dear friend and colleague Beth Minardi held her “Color Conversation Class” this past Monday at my salon, Salon Ratay, which brought many state wide beauty professionals to see her teach. Beth and I have known each other for twenty plus years. We first met at a specific manufacturer conference. She later became my mentor on a professional level I was told information about hair color that I questioned. I reached out to Beth about my skepticism on the information that was being taught to thousands of hairdressers, and Beth said, I quote “Sherry if you don’t trust what I’m telling you, go home and do your own research.” I went and did my own research and found Beth gave me the correct information about hydrogen peroxide, which I have talked about in past blogs (“The Truth about Hydrogen Peroxide”). I was furious that a major manufacturer was teaching misleading information. This led to one of the reasons I have whole heartedly supported and had a part in the development of Beth Minardi Signature Shades. She was the first manufacturer to create a line and an educational agenda informing hairdressers on the truth about hair color including hydrogen peroxide, colorants, and the difference between ammonia and MEA.

Beth travels nationally to teach her hair color brand, Beth Minardi Signature Shades, along with Minardi techniques and applications in what she calls “Color Conversations”. We had a seven hour class lecture on different topics such as grey coverage, using proper color tools, PPD(which I talked about in one of my previous blogs), BMS color line, appropriate pricing for hairdressers, setting a higher standard of professionalism for the beauty industry, and Olaplex(which will be in an upcoming blog). I admire how she teaches others to achieve their greatest potential to follow Beth’s motto of “elevating hair color to an art form”. Beth teaches the importance of deeply analyzing the integrity of the hair fiber, to determine whether you should erase or lighten the hair strand when coloring and how to maintain optimal health because HEALTHLY hair radiates BEAUTIFUL haircolor!

Furthermore, it was a great refresher for me to discuss Olaplex, and the sensitivity some clients have to PPD. It is becoming more of a rising issue as the number of sensitivity to hair color continues to increase. I admire and respect Beth because she continues to lead and develop the way for hair color as it evolves in modern society. Leading into my motto, “No matter how skilled you are as a hairdresser, whether it is one week or twenty years, you never stop learning.” I believe it is extremely important to have a mentor figure in the beauty industry because it is always good to have someone to go to with questions. Two minds are better than one!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

How to Create POP Colors the "Ratay Way"!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and with a fresh new year upon us, 2015 is off to a great start! A very dear guest of mine wanted pieces of soft pink added to her already stunning hair color. I first mentioned soft pink colored hair extension but she wasn't having it, so we agreed on her January visit with me I would add these pieces in. I must first say that it’s my professional opinion that not every woman can wear what I like to call “Pop Colors” in their hair. Whether it is age, personality, or profession, these key factors need to be considered when consulting. In creating this soft pink or any vibrant shade it can often be challenging, most important is to create your Pop color without damaging the integrity of the hair. Hopefully by the end of this blog you will understand how to do it the right way.

When working with overly porous hair, a challenging part of creating a pop color is the application of the “Pop Color”. Porous hair means that the hair fiber is dry and malnourished due too many different elements. Such as over exposure to the sun, not properly conditioned, misusing hair color and/or technique, or styling tools. When this type of hair is colored with the “Pop Color”, it can become splotchy, fade instantly, or not take to the hair at all. To prevent this from happening ALWAYS think of the hair fiber first. For example, if a brunette wants a bright thatchy piece of color, we do not need to bleach the strand to cotton white. Instead, we would bleach it to orange; apply a glaze achieving our target shade from there.  This process ensures the integrity of the hair is not ruined allowing you the ability as an artist to create for future seasonal hair color changes.

I enjoy creating “Pop Colors” at times because it allows me to excel creatively, pushing me to step out of the box, as well as satisfying the expectations of my guests. Remember to inform your guest that this look does come with some maintenance; you must maintain the color with more frequent visits than a normal hair color service due to fading. A great tip in keeping the shade from fading is by using dry shampoo instead of constantly washing it, the less friction to the hair strand the better. Remember “Pop Color” is a stain dye which means the color molecule is larger so it does not penetrate the hair strand like traditional hair color.

Overall, this type of color is great for an accessory look or if you want a little extra “pop” in your life. Check out my tutorial video on how to create this interesting look the “Ratay Way”.