Saturday, October 5, 2013

Make your mark in New York and you are a made (wo)man. -- Mark Twain

My first week in New York City at Julien Farel Salon on Madison Avenue was fabulous!

I had the pleasure of working on many beautiful ladies, one certain editor who stood out the most was Jennifer Peros of US Weekly! As Jennifer came in I greeted her immediately and noticed her beautiful eyes, they were a terracotta brown. Looking through her hair I noticed she had 3 months of regrowth. The previous hairdresser she was seeing was lightening her base, it wasn't bad but it certainly wasn't great.

Throughout our color conversation I started formulating in my head. I had it all envisioned in my mind's eye, I was going to create some interior depth by erasing the light brown. By the time I was finished her hair was a deeper velvety brown with soft lighter pieces running through and kissing her front frame. She looked absolutely fabulous leaving the salon!

While Jennifer was in my chair we also chatted about Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga. Jennifer asked me if she should she be that blonde? No! I explained to her that doesn't mean she cant wear lighter shades within her hair color, just not that MUCH! (Gorga is pictured to the left.) 


I must admit I have a slight weakness for Designer shoes, Italian handbags, and the lingerie of Agent Provocateur! Each visit to New York City I make my way down Madison Ave to do a little shopping. Of course my first stop is a visit to Agent Provocateur , it is a must you check it out!  
For me a visit to New York isn't complete without seeing Central Park. What made this trip even more special was that my designer, Alicia Delbrey has been to New York many times, but has never been to Central Park! So in our spare time I made sure we took a stroll through the park enjoying those famous New York City hot dogs. As always, it was serenely beautiful!