Thursday, June 26, 2014

How to: Avoid Hair Disasters on Your Big Day

Over the past two months we have had many beautiful brides to be into Salon Ratay for consultations on their color touch-ups, color enhancements and day of style. With wedding season in full bloom and aside  from worrying about what cake flavors and centerpieces to order, brides also have to plan their perfect look for their wedding day.
When I first consult with a bride, it’s important to find out what they like and dislike about their current hair color. Here are a few suggestions I recommend when having your consultation with a bride to be. 


"I always pull them away from stepping too far from the color they are currently wearing.”


  • Take a trip down memory lane: Think back to your natural hair color. Sometimes going with an ‘au natural’ color on the big day is best.
  • Plan your hairstyle according to the wedding theme: If you decide to go for a more delicate and romantic feel, then soft, flowing locks would be the perfect hairstyle!
  • Talk it out: be open to suggestions from your inner circle, the people who love and know you best



  • Step too far away from the current hair color. The last thing a bride wants to remember is that she regrets making a drastic change on her very important day
  • Overlook the location of your wedding: remember, an indoor vs. an outdoor wedding should be factored in how you choose your hairstyle.
  • Stress. Be calm, cool and make sure to try out different looks before making the final decision!

Most important you want the bride to be happy and stress free over her haircolor & style.  She has a lot on her mind with all that it takes in planning her life memorable day. Share in her happiness and remember you are creating her lasting look and a huge part of what she will forever remember. 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Premiere Orlando

Last weekend was the Orlando Premiere hair show. It's always so exciting for me to get on stage to talk about my true passion, haircolor. This year I ventured into something different and taught two hands-on workshops. It was a new experience and I loved being able to watch people grow as they learned something new.
I want to raise the standard in the art of haircolor applications. Teaching the people in our industry new and exciting things make a difference behind the chair. I went in depth about the visual difference in a soft ombre and the American ombre. Not having a visual starting point for your lighter ends is so sexy. Another technique I taught was Over The Top, it is perfect for transitioning your guest from season to season. Whether it be incorporating more highlights or lowlights, it's perfect for giving them that new look for spring or fall.

I am so excited to be on my way to the International Beauty Show in Las Vegas at the end of the month. Visit their website and register for my class. I can't wait to see you all there!

Look out for my next video on Youtube! I will be discussing men's haircolor and gray blending. Last year 18-20% of color services sold were men's color. Using the right product and having the right education will keep men coming back for more color services and increase your revenue. I can't wait to share this information with you, so make sure to check my Youtube channel for when that will be posted.