Friday, April 29, 2011

My Take on the Royal Wedding

Today, the world stopped to see Prince William and Kate Middleton,
now officially The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge tie the knot!

Westminster Abbey looked beautiful and the whole planet watched the most special day in the lives of the handsome groom and his breathtaking bride.

Catherine Middleton’s wedding gown (which I loved!) was designed by Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen. 

When I heard news of the most talked about bride of the century doing her own makeup, I was a bit surprised! Any makeup artist would have been honored and privileged to do her makeup, but she decided to go about it on her own - and I applaud her! She kept her makeup simple, elegant, and traditional.

As for her hair, I found it to be absolutely perfect!

Looks like Kate followed some of my tips 
How to: Avoid Hair Disasters on Your Big Day without even knowing?  

As with any royal festivity, theirs was a very traditional and classic event..
Afterall, the whole world was and still is watching!

Kate went with a more delicate and romantic hairstyle - which was absolutely the right choice for her and her delicate demeanor!  

Her hair was soft and simple, complimenting  her makeup and her fantastic Alexander McQueen gown!

Not only did she become a Princess today...
but Kate looked like one too!

Glitz & Glam to Keep Music Alive

On Wednesday (April 27th) I attended
Nat King Cole Generation Hope event at Raymond Lee Jewelers in Boca Raton!

Such a fabulous night filled with fashion and glamour! 

I met such wonderful people at the event: Nat King Cole’s Twin Daughters Casey and Timolin Cole, the owner of Raymond Lee Jewelers- Jeff Josephson, Italian Singer 
Franco Corso (who I’m trying to bring to Orlando asap!) Fashion designer Kesi Case, and Cara Rosenthal from CBS’s The Amazing Race!

Cara Rosenthal from The Amazing Race

Nat King Cole's Daughters Casey and Timolin Cole

Cara Rosenthal from The Amazing Race and Fashion Designer Kesi Case

Hope you enjoy the pictures J

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Celebrity Summer Hair Color

From Drab to Fab!
Celebrity hair color from 1 (back to the salon chair immediately!) to 10 (stunning, paparazzi-ready!)

Julia Roberts’ grade: 1

Back to the salon chair immediately! Julia looks gorgeous regardless of her hair color, but she looks extra fabulous as a redhead! She has the perfect peachy skin tone and amber eye color to pull off a look not many others can.”

Heidi Klum’s grade: 5
“YAWN. Mrs. Seal looks gorgeous whether she’s in sweatpants or wearing massive angel wings, but her haircolor is just not street-stopping here! She looks spectacular with dimensional coloring, which creates more depth with darker blonde pieces running through her hair.

Eva Longoria’s grade: 10
Stunningly beautiful, with soft kisses of caramel pieces around her face. Her haircolor goes perfectly with her chocolate brown eyes!”

Isla Fisher’s grade: 10
“What a beautiful and flowing apricot color!  Isla has THE perfect porcelain skin for this shade.”

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hairstyles That Work for Every Face Shape

Let’s look at the 3 top face shapes:
·        Oblong
·        Square
·        Oval

As well as the three proportions of your face:
·         Top of forehead to eyebrows
·         Eyebrows to tip of nose
·         Tip of the nose to the bottom of chin

 The ideal look is to create balance within the face shape and face proportions. 

·    If you have an oblong face shape and the chin is the predominant area, create soft layers and when coloring the hair, do not add extra lightness or darkness. Simply create soft dimensional haircolor around the chin. If the predominant area is the forehead, go for bangs -either full bangs or shattered bangs - as well as creating a darker reflection of color underneath the bangs.
·    If your face shape if square you want to create soft diagonal lines in the forehead and chin areas. The perfect haircut for a square-shaped face is to create a layered haircut at your choice of length and when it comes to the perfect color, always create ribbons of colors diagonally, so the eye is always traveling around and not up and down. 
·    The oval-shaped face is the most versatile shape, and just about all hairstyles will look very flattering on you!

*ABOVE ALL, remember your hair is an accessory of who you are, always choose the right lines of design and follow along with the perfect haircolor for your OWN skin tone, eye color and personality. 

Experience Life with Beautiful Color!

Help for Split Ends

Caring for your hair on a daily basis will help prevent split ends.

Always take into consideration your hair fiber is like a delicate piece of fabric - Treat it as a piece of linen and not a pair of jeans!  

Always use a gentle and repairing shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. Repairing the lipid in the hair is crucial (lipids are the natural elasticity in the hair fiber, if you remove that elasticity you will create split ends)


Friday, April 1, 2011

Thoughts Behind Coloring Beautiful Hair

I believe every woman and man should “Experience Life with Color,” whether to cover grays, brighten blondes, richen brunettes, or create the glisten to redheads.

To create beautiful haircolor, I ALWAYS begin by analyzing my guest's skin tone, eye color, and of course the existing hair color.

If the hair fiber has been overly processed, then your options are minimized to what you can create on that day of service; it is VITAL that you treat the hair before you start your service. The hair is made up of many different components but primarily protein and some moisture, if you do not add those vital steps to your coloring, your creation on the hair could turn out unexpected, for example…Dark, Drab, Flat, and just not PRETTY.

BRUNETTES: When coloring Brunettes, I like to create what I call Brown on Brown shades. For example, the color of coffee and cream, absolutely stunning!

BLONDES: You can always tell if someone was a “Toe Head” blonde baby (I like to call it pastel blonde) by their eye color: CRYSTAL blue! If they have specks of amber color around their pupil then don’t attempt to make them a “Pastel Blonde.” They should stay within the shades of sand on the beach, very creamy.

Now here’s my favorite, RED HEADS: Keep in mind the right skin tone and eye color for redheads... Peachy skin tone and amber eye color is the perfect canvas to create medium to light amber ribbons in the hair.  Green/blue eye color is wonderful for vibrant copper colors. When creating a cool redhead we want to look for olive skin tone, minimal freckles, and dark eye color. Such an exquisite haircolor that not too many people can pull off, but if done on the right canvas it’s absolutely stunning. For example, see the rich vibrant shades like Juliana Moore in the fall of 2010 or light amber shades like Nicole Kidman's in 2011.

Creating the perfect pallet for the right skin tone is MAGIC!