Thursday, July 9, 2015

Savannah's Next Step

In the past two months there have been some major events that have happened in my family life. My daughter, Savannah, graduated from high school in May, and my son, Lee Michael, finished his last school days in elementary school, ready to transition into middle school. After Savannah’s graduation all attention was to her next step to Florida State University. Savannah decided to start in the summer to get a head start on classes and her college career in nursing. She was to move in June 27 so we had the month of June to prepare for this big step.

A couple weeks before she started we had a great time shopping for all those college necessities like a laundry basket, microwave, bedding, hangers, and everything you can imagine. This much stuff led to two cars full on move in day. We left around 7 am on Saturday morning, Savannah and I went in her car and Mike and Lee Michael in another. This was the first time Savannah drove the four hours straight to Tallahassee in her own car. I made her do it so that I would feel safe that she could do this safely for the various times she would have to without me. (Hopefully frequently to see her mom ;) ) We had to register between 9am-1pm.

We finally arrived to Southgate, Savannah’s new dorm on the fifth floor. I did a quick snapchat to some of my friends on this momentous occasion. I immediately received a reply back from one of my close friends, Bryn Auld. She was over excited because Savannah ended up in the exact same dorm room she had when she went to school there. It was a crazy coincidence and Mike, my husband, would not believe it for one second…haha. It took us a couple hours to move everything in and then a quick trip to Walmart and Target to get those last minute dorm essentials. After we were all done we went to dinner at a local restaurant called Andrew’s Grill and bar which was great. After a full day we were exhausted and all went back to the hotel for some rest. Savannah even stayed with us because her roommate hadn’t moved in yet and she didn’t want to be alone. On Sunday we had brunch and made some finale touches such as connecting the printer before leaving around 4pm. Although, right before we left we walked around campus to her two classes she would be taking during the summer semester. I felt relieved knowing she would know where to go even when I wouldn’t be there to help her.

When we left it was full of mixed emotions for me. She makes me so proud, but sad as a mother who wants her little girl to continue to sleep in her own bed at home with me. I am just unbelievably grateful for the daughter I have and the nursing degree she’s pursuing. Now Savannah has been up there for two weeks and is almost halfway done with her six week semester. We are all adjusted to her not being here, but Mike is having the hardest time with it. He has been nonstop texting and calling her within the last week. I have to constantly continue to tell him to back off because she is okay. As a whole we are so happy and proud of her, but can’t wait to see her soon!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Beth Minardi Signature "Rolodex Wrap"

Beth Minardi Signature "Rolodex Wrap"

Now, for those over 40 we know what Rolodex is but for those under 30....let me give you a brief definition. A Rolodex is  a desktop card index used to record names, addresses, and telephone numbers, in the form of a rotating spindle or a small tray to which removable cards are attached. The Rolodex coloring technique is a design to replicate the hair coloring days of the 1940's. As you can see in the picture below, the foils look exactly like the card index tray.   The technique follows the shape of the head with very fine delicate slices alternating multiple shades.  Another known description of Rolodex is shade on shade. For the selection of color, if someone is a natural 6, we would alternate level by using 7, 8 or 9. 

 Beth Minardi's"Rolodex Wrap" was held in Columbus, Ohio on June 8th.   It was a great event with a gratifying group.  I had such wonderful conversations with the attendees.  The one question that stood out to me was, What would happen if we did the Rolodex with aggressive colors? For example, black and red. Using the Rolodex technique will give a very avant-garde result.  It will be bold and fun, remember to follow the very fine delicate slices!

By the end of the day everyone was enthusiastic and successful, receiving their certification that they can be proud to hang up and conquer the Rolodex!!