Saturday, February 21, 2015

Importance of Marketing a Salon

One of the most important aspects of running a salon is having a strategic marketing plan, which brings new guests in and motivates existing guests to return. When I decided to open Salon Ratay in 2006 I, myself, had to learn this because in the beginning I wasn't a salon owner; I only had to market myself because I was an independent contractor. Through multiple business classes and with time and experience, I learned how important it is to implement a marketing plan.

First, you must learn where to market and advertise your salon. I feel it is important to advertise on a variety of sources because of the diversity of guests. They don’t all function the same way. I use both internet and print sources to target all generations. Some sources of print include local area publication such as “Lake Mary Life” and “Lifestyle” which are local publications in my area. Look for a reputable source in your area if they are available. 

Furthermore, the internet is just as important if not more important with the development of social media. It is one of the largest FREE marketing sources for a business. We use social media (Facebook, twitter, Instagram) along with the Salon Ratay website ( to reach the internet audience. Your salon’s website needs to speak about what your image is like and how the brand experience will be in your salon. It all comes down to the details because that is what really makes a first impression. For example, I also have a simple clickable logo on the website’s homepage with a promotion specifically for new guests only because, remember, most people on your website are going to be inquiring potential clients. One online advertising experience I had that did not work was using the “Google Ad Click”. I had less than a 2% return, and you had to pay every time someone would click the link. That type of advertisement definitely did not work for Salon Ratay! I also would like to touch on the use of “Groupon”. In my eyes groupons are for the “one timers”, the people that are only interested in a deal and don’t usually come back. That is why I have never chosen to advertise my salon on “Groupon” because those aren't the clientele we look for. Salon Ratay is a destination not a location.

In addition to advertising for new clients, it is also important to continue to encourage current guests to return. We have a loyalty program at Salon Ratay in which guests earn reward points on each a la carte service they receive, and once they reach a certain amount of points they are awarded with $10 off any retail products bought in the salon. I feel this system shows our appreciation and gratitude to returning guests for their loyalty and commitment to their service provider and Salon Ratay, and also helps increase the sales of retail. Another way we market for new guests at the salon is through our referral card program. Referral Cards are given out by every service provider to every guest they see. How they work is if the existing guest refers a new guest with the card to the colorist or designer in to the salon they receive $20 off their first service, as well as, the existing guest also will receive $20 off their future service. I believe for Salon Ratay the referral card program is the number one way to build business. This past year we received our highest return in nine years on the cards; we received a 56% return of new guests, and the best part about this type of advertising is it is at no expense!

In conclusion, when creating a marketing strategy for your business it is vital that your staff is on the same page as well. Both you and your staff should monitor frequently how well each advertisement or promotion worked or did not work. This ensures you will continue to improve and adjust your marketing program and strategies to secure continual growth of your business. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

57th Annual Grammy's Hair Color Recreation

Last Sunday was the 57th annual Grammy Awards Show for the music industry. I was impressed by the performances and the Grammys awarded. I will say my favorite performance of the evening was Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett's duo because they are both true talented artists. The audience was filled with tasteful celebrities dressed in unique and classic designer attire, and I could not help but notice the array of hair color as well. Throughout the show I was inspired to recreate a few celebrity hair color formulas with the Beth Minardi Signature Shades (BMS) hair color line. A few of my favorite looks are disclosed below.

Carrie Underwood - Natural level 6
American Bailage
Formula 1: Vero light 20 vol, lift to pale yellow
Formula 2: Lowlight with BMS demi crème 1 ½ oz 9BG and ½ oz 8BB 5 vol
Formula 3: Glaze with BMS demi liquid, equal parts 10G and 10BB, with 5 vol BMS developer, process for 10 minutes

Beyonce -Natural level 2
Formula 1: Base retouch with BMS permanent 7ICE with 20vol developer
Formula 2: highlight with L’Oreal Platinium non ammonia paste with 40 vol developer, lift to yellow
Formula 3: Lowlights: BMS demi crème 5BG and 9GO 5 vol
Formula 4: Glaze with 8BB BMS demi liquid, 5 vol, process for 10 minutes
Jessica Chastain - Natural level 7
Formula 1: Base retouch with ½ oz 6CG and 1 ½ oz 8C BMS demi liquid, 5 vol developer
Formula 2: lowlight with 7NCG BMS demi crème, 5 vol developer, Shampoo and blowdry
Formula 3: Glaze with 10C BMS demi liquid, 5 vol developer, process for 10 minutes

Lady Gaga - Natural level 6
Formula 1: Global application with Joico Crème on scalp lightener, Lift to pale yellow, Shampoo and blowdry

Formula 2: BMS liquid 1 ½ oz 10ICE and 1 oz 7ICE, 5 vol, Let process 10 minutes with heat and 10 with cool