Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Ratay Holiday Party!

The holiday season is robust! It’s filled with a spirit of laughter and joy to which the word “merry” becomes a contagious action shown through everyone. Holiday parties with warm fires, cocktail toast and cashmere sweaters. I love having family and friends gather together every year for my Ratay Christmas party. Everyone comes together for an evening of great company, delightful drinks, my famous Italian meatballs and a gift exchange that keeps everyone laughing. With this being the fourth year hosting my party, I would consider it becoming a holiday traditions for Mike and I.
Wine and cocktails are served with appetizers of different Italian meats, cheeses and olives followed by an Italian dinner with my special meatballs (which I spend the weekend before making). They are always a hit. There usually are two types of pasta, this year it was Lasagna and pesto which were also delicious and paired perfectly with the Chianti wine. Mike, my husband, made a special shot this year called Cinnamon Crunch. He used the liquor Fireball with cinnamon whiskey and Caruva Horchata; oddly it tasted just like the cereal, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, the spice flavor of it was perfect for the holidays and those who enjoy doing shots, personally I can’t stand them!

It truly is great to see everyone interacting together for the holidays that “merry” spirit just takes over making the evening delightful!  My favorite part of the whole night is our white elephant gift exchange, every year I do a different theme, and this year was any head accessory (such as a hat or head band). Gifts range from beautiful beach hats to hilarious elf hats that danced and sung on your head, as well as a leopard printed hat that extended to the length of the persons arms. Luckily, I ended up with a beautiful white scarf with a little silver shimmer inside I was really excited for my gift because past years I end up with the weird ones or funny ones that I probably would never use.

After 11pm the “normal” party stops and the after party begins. We danced, drank and played an array of games; it was a blast! This year Mike added a disco ball for all the dancing that takes place which everyone actually enjoyed.  This is what the holidays are all about; letting go of all worries, spending time with family and friends enjoying the spirit of “merry” which flows through the air and counting our blessings in which we have received.

From the Ratay family to yours, wishing you a Merry Christmas!

Mike, Sherry, Savannah, Ashley and LeeMichael 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Today Show Hairstyle Tips

Here's some great tips I shared with the Today Show on how to have a hairstyle that lasts five days after a blowout, based on Duchess Kate's past trip to the US! This is perfect for the holidays to look like a queen even when you're away from home.


Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving is a time to gather with family and cherish the blessings in your life. This year, like every other, I continued the tradition of returning home to the house where I grew up with my husband and children. I grew up in a small, country town called Groveland, FL with my mother Janet, father Richard and four brothers Rick, Scott, Kurt and Chris. I delight in the peace and simplicity of returning home as I watch my children play carelessly with their cousins on the vast open property that I as a child once roamed. We celebrated Thanksgiving last Saturday which was the 22nd of November and just so happened to also be my birthday! The year I was born Thanksgiving happened to also fall on the same day, from what I was told my father accidentally burnt the turkey that year because I’m assuming he was over taken with excitement that his new baby girl was finally here! Since that day anytime Thanksgiving falls on November 22 my brothers make a burnt turkey in remembrance of dad.

When the whole family comes together we have about twenty two people with my mom, brothers, aunts and uncles, and everyone’s kids and significant others. Mom prepares a feast fit for an army; the spread is huge! But isn't that what Thanksgiving is all about? To eat, enjoy family and friends in a relaxing loving environment… and eat again. Just to give you a taste of what was prepared, we had two turkeys (one deep fried by my husband the other smoked), a ham, my mom’s signature baked mac and cheese, fruit salad, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, rolls, oh and not to forget the desserts: pumpkin pie, pecan pie and chocolate delight! Sitting around the table listening and watching all the different conversations take place is one of my most favorite parts. Another tradition we have is after dinner everyone plays a game of kick ball together. It doesn’t matter what age you are; everyone participates in this exciting family game. The kids love when it’s them against the adults.

I truly enjoy the family time gathering at Thanksgiving every year at moms. I also have a thanksgiving dinner at my house with my intermediate family, and we lounge around all day. It’s very causal usually after deep frying turkeys for all these dinners Mike is pretty tired of it. ;) This year my group of friends is having our first annual “friendsgiving” dinner on Saturday night (I will defiantly need my trainer Matt next week). I love spending time with my loved ones near and far Thanksgiving is the start of a joyous time in the year. We just got our Christmas tree Wednesday night I can’t wait to decorate it with my kiddos. This season is my favorite time of year when we come together as a family and appreciate what we have and sharing our blessings with others less fortunate than us. 

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Ending My Teaching Tour with Premiere Birmingham

This past month has been a busy one for me, as I finish the year with my educational tour my last stop was in Birmingham, Alabama for Premiere Birmingham.  I must say the attendees of this show strive for education and seem to engage more in the classroom with Q & A in wanting to know How, What, & Why with the nuts and bolts of haircolor.

The first day of the show was my “Gold Standard of Haircolor” workshop hands-on class which seemed to fill up quickly. Most hairdressers learn by physically doing what is being taught, so I believe you have to get your hands in it at times to understand it. The workshop included three applications: an Over-the-top application for a seasonal change, taking the Ombré to a Sombré look, and the American Baliage which is panting the hair in long foils to create a natural look using shade on shades. It was ratifying to show these attendees how to hold the brush in creating a soft starting point with each section they foiled. With each workshop hands-on class I hold, the attendees leave with a goodie bag filled with a few pieces of Beth Minardi Signature shades which include the Demi-Crème & Demi-Liquid lines along with some MLCC  (Minardi Luxury Color Care) styling products  and a single DVD from my Hues of Natural Perfection collection.

After the morning hands-on workshop class, I had one ninety minute lecture class. I actually loved this lecture “The Truth about Hair Color” because it was a more intimate lecture, which started a great deal of conversing between the attendees and me. I always tell them the lecture is about “you guys” rather than the agenda I am supposed to follow. As I mentioned earlier, the attendees at this show were very passionate about learning and much more comfortable with asking me questions.

The last day of the show I did was a special VIP class called “Beautiful Moments”, where attendees register to spend a very intimate hour with me discussing haircolor. Premiere randomly selects ten attendees to spend this time with me; a major part of this class was talking about celebrity haircolor formulas. Some of the celebrity color reformulations we discussed included Emma Stone, Carrie Underwood, Blake Lively, and Shea Mitchell, just to name a few!  We went in depth about the formulas and how to achieve these rich dimensions. I felt this was a wonderful topic to chat about, because most of the time clients bring in pictures of celebrities asking for that particular look and or haircolor. (Side bar) it’s important during a consult with your client that you are able to distinguish every aspect of the photo they bring in, because we all know majority of the time it’s never 100% of the celebs natural hair. There are many “tricks” Ms. Hollywood has in glamourizing celebrities ;) My VIP members also received a goodie bag filled with many special gifts.

Overall this has been a great year full of exciting shows, great lectures and fun workshops. I have really grown to love the open communication with attendees and listening to their thoughts and opinions about haircolor. I honestly cannot be more thankful that I’m able to live my passion, inspiring the minds of beauty professionals near and far! I am excited to see what next year will bring!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Ohio Premiere Beauty Classic Show

Rolling Video in 5…4…3…2………this is what I hear in the far distance as I prepare to walk on to stage and present the Ratay Way of coloring hair. It is always natural to have those butterflies before presenting, no matter the size of the audience, but if you’re prepared and grounded in the information your presenting the fear dissipates. This past weekend I traveled to Columbus, Ohio for the Premiere’s Beauty Classic Show. The Premiere Beauty Classic Show was the first trade show I started teaching at. Since then I have taught the past four years at this show, but this was my first main stage presentation
The Beauty Classic Show was a little different than many other shows I have taught at. This year I was offered an 80 minute main stage presentation in front of a seven hundred plus audience. Originally my mentor, Beth Minardi, was scheduled to do a presentation for the show, but unfortunately due to a family matter she was unable to appear. When I was contacted by Premiere Show Groups to fill in for Beth, I was elated at this opportunity as well as hesitant on how the attendees would respond considering many of them were expecting to see Beth. Although, I must say the show went very well; the audience was very warming and responsive. After it was over I received an overwhelming flow of compliments on how wonderful the presentation went, and how much they loved my passion for teaching hair color. One woman said “she was disappointed about Beth, but she enjoyed every minute of the presentation; it exceeded her expectations”.
The most exhilarating part of the show to me was the revolving microphone. I love hearing the voices of the attendees, and their true questions. As the mic was passed and the audience became more inquisitive, I was asked many questions such as grey coverage, creating a violet plum shade, and, my favorite, the mathematical lift and deposit equation. It is enclosed below.

                Lift Equation                                                                                                          Example
·         Natural level                                                                                                         4
·         Color level, add together                                                                                   8, 12
·         Divide by two                                                                                                        /2
·         Final level of lift                                                                                                    =6

Although my presentation was only eighty minutes, the attendees and I left wishing there was more time. In addition to my lecture, I colored three models the day before the show and enhanced my redhead model on stage. I will conclude with the three formulas I used on my gorgeous models in creating natural, believable beautiful hair color at Premiere’s Beauty Classic Show.

                                Natural level 6 Dark Blonde
Formula 1:             Joico Base Breaker 20vol
Formula 2:             Highlight: Vero lights 20vol
Formula 3:             Lowlight: Beth Minardi Signature (BMS)
                                Demi Crème 8BB 1oz, 9GO 1oz, 5vol 2oz
Formula 4:             Glaze: BMS liquid 10G 2oz, 10vol 2oz

                                Natural level 3 Dark Brown
Formula 1:             Highlights: BMS permanent 9ICE 2oz,  
                                20vol 2oz
Formula 2:             Glaze: BMS demi liquid 7BG 1oz, 8WG
                                1oz, 5vol 2oz

                                Red Head
                                Natural Level 7 Medium Blonde
Formula 1:             Lowlights in bottom nape: BMS demi
                                crème 7NCG 1oz, 1oz 5vol
Formula 2:             Mid-sides and top panel: BMS permanent
                                8RG 1oz, 1oz 20vol
Formula 3:             Mid-sides and top panel: BMS demi
                                crème 7NCG 1oz, 1oz 9GO, 2oz 5vol
Formula 4:             Glaze: BMS demi liquid 2oz 10C, 1oz 8C,
                                 3oz 5vol

Thursday, September 25, 2014

ManeStream Hair and Beauty Expo

My team and I traveled to Tampa for the second annual Manestream Hair and Beauty Expo this past weekend. With a mixture of attendees, cosmetologists and barbers this show brings a fierce energy that is one of a kind! Thomas Faucette, the show producer, is a pleasure to work with and sees a purpose that ALL professionals need, want, and deserve top notch education. When he asked me to be a part of his main educational line-up it was without question I would join. Each year I present a main stage presentation with 4-6 gorgeous models followed by a more intimate in-depth classroom setting.

The morning begins with the main stage presentation where I talk about hair color, and the techniques beautifully displayed by my models. This year I did something a little different; I brought my Creative Artistic Director, Alicia Delbrey, on stage to demonstrate simple hair techniques that could be done in minutes and still look fabulous. I have to smile because Alicia doesn’t like the spotlight on her. She is an extremely talented designer but prefers to stay behind the scenes. She was a bit nervous but did a great presentation. One of the styles she demonstrated was the “Barbie doll pony tail”. This is done by teasing the front of the hair to create a little poof, then pulling the back half of the hair into a ponytail. Take the loose pieces and wrap them around the ponytail base, and lastly spray with finishing spray to tame fly-aways.

The afternoon switches into the classroom setting where we discuss my HOT topic: The Truth About Hair Color. During this class we talked about multiple topics such as grey coverage, the truth about hydrogen peroxide, eumelanin vs pheomelanin, the PH scale and many more. To keep the energy alive I demonstrated the new “Sombré” look with one of my models; I explained in depth the technique of creating a more natural look without the seeing a ”dreadful visual starting point” we see on some people. My favorite part of teaching is engaging with the attendants! This show allows more of an interaction scenario which I thrive on! When hairdresser wants to learn, and you see the “light bulb” per say, come on… well… I HAVE DONE WHAT I WAS PUT HERE TO DO!!

One thing that I felt sets this show apart from others is the barber competition and education that is provided.  It was so interesting to see the intricate designs they created, barbers truly have an eye for the lines of design.  Additionally, it always interests me to see the new hair color trends. During this show there were a lot of fashion shades such as reds, blues and even yellow.  The most dramatic fashion hair color I saw was an Ombré that went from blue to green, then yellow. It didn’t fully cover the whole head; instead there were thatchy pieces with an almost black foundation. This color wouldn’t work for me but I appreciate the colorist who is bold enough to try it and make it work with their face shape, skin tone, and haircut. Overall, I would consider the Manestream Hair & Beauty Expo a success. I never get tired of teaching regardless of the shows dynamics my PASSION is educating colorists to elevate the standard of the beauty industry. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Atlanta Weekend!

All of us at Whiskey Blue Rooftop
This past weekend my friends and I took our biannual getaway weekend. Usually we have a girl’s weekend, but this time it involved more as we also celebrated my husband’s fortieth birthday on September 11 and our friend Andrew’s thirty-second birthday on September 9. It was exciting to get away from our day-to-day responsibilities and unwind.

As you can see Mike needs his gray blended!
Unlike our last getaway, for the food and wine festival in South Beach, Atlanta’s weather was different than what we’re used to. The weather was beautiful, cool and breezy; I was actually starting to believe fall was on its way. We stayed in the uptown area of Atlanta called Buckhead at the Intercontinental Hotel for three nights (this is the same hotel where Nene Leaks, from Atlanta Housewives hosted her wedding). The cuisine was wonderful, and we went to various restaurants throughout the weekend that I enjoyed. My favorite was at a chic restaurant built inside of an unused warehouse called Rathbun’s, which seems to be the new trend in Atlanta.  There I got the crispy duck beast which was very tender and moist; the flavor was a balance of sweet with a mild spicy flavor. I would highly recommend this restaurant!
My favorite restaurant: Rathbun's
I had a great time enjoying time with my friends around great food and wine. One thing that stood out to me was the quality time I spent alone with my husband, Mike. The best feeling was sleeping in each morning and waking up without the hustle and bustle of our crazy routine schedule. Additionally, I enjoyed having a day to myself with my American Express card ;) I went to two malls; the Lenox, and Phipps which was the upscale of the two. I went to Saks 5th where a red and orange cargo Valentino bag caught my eye. I feel this bag is the image of this year’s fall trend. It reminded me of the crimson colors I saw people wearing in Atlanta, signaling the start of fall. Lastly, I wanted to recognize the convenience of our transportation of choice, Uber. It was as fast and easy as a click on your phone, and the SUV appeared in front of us within minutes, which fit our large party.

HELLO Valentino!!
I had an amazing time with my friends and husband during our venture to Atlanta. It is not often you have a group of friends that you can travel with leisurely regardless of the events that take place. I’m already looking forward to our next adventure to South Beach for the 2015 food and wine fest in February!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Importance of Open Dialogue with Your Client

Open dialogue with your client before starting any beauty service is vital because it assures that their expectations as well as yours will be met. Think about it like this, if you’re driving without any navigation how will you reach your destination. Communication is the key to success!

Our open dialogue begins as I walk them to my chair, making them feel comfortable and at ease. During the entire consultation it is vital to have eye to eye contact; in my opinion it is an unprofessional approach to look through the mirror while speaking with your client. I begin analyzing their personality from their wardrobe, makeup, and even down to the shoes their wearing. Once they are in my chair we communicate about their life and everyday routine, so I can understand who they are and what they are trying to achieve. In addition, we discuss their likes and dislikes. I then proceed to examine the texture, color and condition of their existing hair. We may look at photos to help me understand what they are trying to portray. Although my overall vision may differ from their final look, we continue to discuss with each other until we come to an agreement. As we close I give my professional recommendation on shades and tones with descriptions best suited for them such as apricot, sandy blonde or velvety brunette. During this conversation you are also asking about their commitment to you and their hair color. For example, if they have a low maintenance lifestyle, you give them color that is low maintenance and only needs to be maintained every couple of months……give it some thought….. You’re setting yourself up for failure if you were to give them high maintenance hair color because after a couple of weeks their hair looks a HOT MESS. Do you really want them walking around with dreadful grown out hair color? Don’t forget that our clients are marketing our brand as a professional.

Furthermore, the communication you have with your client doesn’t end on the first visit. You should always continue to converse with them before each visit to discuss any existing or new changes that need to be made. Remember, this shows professionalism of a true colorist, as well as exhibiting how versed you are in your profession. Communication makes the whole experience between you and your client more comfortable and strengthens their trust!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

What is PPD?

Paraphenylenediamine or PPD is a chemical used as a permanent hair dye. PPD is most used in hair dye because it is a permanent dye that gives a natural look. In addition to hair color it is also found in textile dyes, cosmetics, temporary tattoos, printing inks, black rubber, oils, greases, and gasoline. Beautiful color can be created through the process of using and mixing dyes to create the perfect shade, but for some people this isn’t achieved without suffering from an allergic reaction.
Photo: Having a proper consultation is KEY in creating the perfect #haircolor. #ratayedu #colorforumParaphenylenediamine can create an allergic reaction usually during the stage of oxygenation.  The industry claims the percentage of users who react to this chemical is tiny but more sensitive cases have been observed recently. Symptoms include irritation where the dye comes in contact including the scalp, ears, forehead, neck and eyelids. In some cases the irritation can be quite severe and can morph into allergic dermatitis or eczema, hives, or reddening and swelling. On rare occasions the reaction can turn into a full, and sometimes fatal, anaphylactic attack.

In my expert opinion there is really not much you can do if you have a PPD allergy. Permanent hair color cannot touch the scalp whatsoever. There is no way to get around it because one mistake can cause your guest problems, hence leading to your own. At my recent color forum I hosted at Salon Ratay I talked about PPD and the few alternatives out on the market. There is one product called Henna which is an all-natural alternative to hair color. Although it may not cause an allergic reaction, it only comes in one shade, which is a red orange color. Another product was just released from Proctor and Gamble called ME +. It claims it has less cases of sensitivity, but it is not a definite alternative to PPD reactions. I recommend to patch test every guest before providing a color service. It will also show if they are allergic to the ammonia, fragrance, or anything else in the dye including PPD. This test may give you an idea but it is not always 100% true because you are testing a small portion, opposed to the entire head.  The only way to be truly safe is to not dye your hair permanently.  You may not love the look of dying your hair naturally through henna but it is the only way you can be sure you’re safe.
Take a look at a video I created where I colored a very important guest's hair who has a PPD allergy:

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Family First!

My image in the beauty industry as Sherry Ratay, celebrity hairstylist and educator, broadcasts my life as an award-winning color expert and prestigious salon owner. However, that’s only a small portion of it. In addition to my career, the most important thing in my life is my family. I have three phenomenal children with my husband, Michael. Savannah is 17, Lee Michael is 10, and Ashley is 18. The salon is like a second home for me, I have learned to keep a balance between my home life with my children and husband and the salon with its guests.

Since day one, I have strongly believed that family comes first! For me it is the foundation in which keeps me centered. My husband has supported me since the day we met. Hairdressing is a part of who I am and he respects that. I am truly blessed for all that Michael does in support of my career as a colorist, salon owner and educator. Mike works for American K-9 here in Lake Mary and heads their Business Development division with his own career being very demanding he always finds time when I call upon him if the salons software goes down or if something needs replacing. He has been by my side through majority of my career all the way with the development of Salon Ratay.

My kids have grown up in the salon and surrounded by the beauty industry. Each year during my educational tour I occasionally do feel that motherly guilt every mother feels when they are away from their children, but I know that I am teaching them valuable lessons. I want to convey to my son to respect his future wife’s career, as well as teach my girls that they can achieve anything with pursuance and hard work.  A few years ago my son had some medical issues, so naturally as a mother I put my educational tour on hold and made sure the salon was sustained to be with him. It was a very scary and stressful time for us, I am blessed to say he is healthy and happy, my little baseball player is the light of my heart.

It isn’t always easy juggling the many paths life brings you, I do know one thing and that is I wouldn’t change a thing about my life. It does matter what we face good or bad as a family, we all support each other’s dreams and goals and are there for one another no matter what! As a parent I will take great pride and joy in watching my children grow and to see the successful futures they will achieve.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Professionalism in the Beauty Industry

When you set out to become a business owner regardless of the industry it takes a great deal of skill with a mind set to become inhabited with the so called “machine” that business is. Running any business takes hard work, dedication, time, and money. Entrepreneurship can be challenging in many ways, but if it is truly your passion to own a business then the drive inside of you will not allow you to give up. In addition to your own contributions, it is vital you hire and fill your business with professional employees who help you reach your goals and who can benefit from you to reach their own goals. These should synchronize together.

In my twenty plus years in the beauty industry and eight years of being a salon owner, I have learned many things, but most importantly I have stayed grounded in my original beliefs. Since the beginning I strongly believe in an associate program to empower and build the knowledge of the people that will be working with you. This program gives the associates hands on experience, where they will learn the true fundamentals of hair coloring and haircutting. With this one of a kind education agenda in place, you allow yourself a sense of peace and confidence that you have taught them to be a well representation of the salon brand. I have learned many things in my past eight years of being a salon owner I have seen everything that you could possibly see, good and bad in the beauty industry. I have zero tolerance for IGNORANCE and STUPIDITY.­­­ I do not put up with tardiness, gum chewing, coming to work without makeup or hair done, nor especially disrespecting upper management. These issues limit the ability to be a team member. In any situation I will take immediate action, reprimanding the employee and taking additional action depending on the certain situation. My recommendation to run a fully staffed, professional salon is to follow through on all of the policies set in the contract each employee signed before working. There should be no favoritism, everyone is created equal. Lastly, work is work. There needs to be a separation from your business and your personal life. The way your employees act is based on respect.

At Salon Ratay I hire staff that is professionally the best of the best, in my eyes. The most important characteristics I look for in future employees are motivation, hardworking, and most importantly the desire to be the best they can be. A professional employee must be polished from head to toe, eager to be critiqued, and must be well spoken or willing to learn. Your team is only as strong as your weakest member. The most important piece of knowledge any Service Provider needs to remember is: We are here to serve the guests. It is always all about the guest.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Summer Hair Care and Style

Summer is a great time to be out doors and enjoy the warm weather! Whether you’re lying by the pool, soaking up rays at the beach, or even a friendly backyard barbeque, the summer is full of excitement and fun. Although you may be having a blast, your hair may not be. 
The summer can do as much damage to your hair as it can to your skin. The UV rays emitted by the sun increases the oxidation of the dye, whether it is artificial or pigmented, in your hair. This creates the color to fade and removes moisture, leaving a dry “canvas”.  It is very important to protect your hair just as much as you protect your skin. Although, there are products for your hair that protect your hair, just as sunscreen protects your skin. I highly recommend Minardi Prewash Therapy which protects your hair from harsh dryness created by the sun. It nourishes and strengthens with phytocologin and ceramide 2.
Prewash application
1.       Start with dry hair

2.       Saturate with product mid to end

3.       Tuck hair into a bun.

4.       Precede with daily routine

5.       Cleanse after activity

Although the sun can cause the majority of breakage to your hair, the wading in the pool and swimming through the ocean also cause damage. The harsh chemicals and salt water strip the hair of nutrients and may even cause it to turn blue! As mentioned above the Minardi prewash can shield against the sun, but it also can defend against the pool and ocean. In addition to the prewash, Kerastase has two products specifically for this use. Aqua-Seal and Huile Celeste are part of the sun-exposure line, and they are sprays which limits the negative effects of the sun, chlorine, and salt water. Summer styles can be cute, fun, and easy. Here are some tips from my expert designer Alicia Delbrey!
Creative Artistic Director at Salon Ratay

One of the hot styles of the summer season is the beachy textured look. This style can be achieved without even going to the beach and exposing your hair to harmful elements. With just a couple products you’ll have the sexy style everyone wishes to achieve.

Beachy Texture

1.       I recommend not washing hair for 2-4 days

2.       Then apply dry shampoo, my recommendation is Kerastase Powder Bluff which absorbs all the oils in your hair helping create more texture

3.       After the dry shampoo, grab a texture spray. My favorite is Kerastase Spray à Porter. Make sure to shake, then tilt head to the side, spray, and scrunch.

With these three simple steps, you have now created a great summer look!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

IBS Las Vegas 2014

Summer is in full force! Hot! Hot! Hot!  I’m sure many of you are thinking the same thing I am, where did the month of June go!

My team and I just recently returned from the IBS Las Vegas show, and let me tell you it was a huge success! Our agenda was a little different for this year’s show; first of all we didn’t stay on the strip. Honestly I’m not a fan of all the hustle and bustle of it. We rented a car and Jacob, made reservations at the Westin Lake Spa & Resort on Lake Meade, which was absolutely perfect! The views are stunning! The atmosphere is relaxing there was a since of tranquility that came upon me.

Besides the switch in where we stayed, I was scheduled to give a 1 ½ lecture on Saturday, The truth about Haircolor, which was a first for me in all my years teaching at any major hair show. Let me tell you Vegas showed the LOVE! Saturday’s lecture was an energetic force of over 100 beauty professionals sharing their thoughts, knowledge, and concerns on haircolor! Phenomenal turn out! With a color language that flowed continuously the entire lecture we discussed the Ph scale, MEA, The Hydrogen Peroxide truth, & the level system. There was GREAT energy in the room! I LOVE when other Hairdressers are as excited and thrilled as I am to know about haircolor.

On Sunday my hands-on workshop which SOLD OUT was just perfect. The class was a jammed packed, 3 hours of Beth Minardi Signature haircolor, 4 different techniques which included Over-the-top, European Ombre, American Balige, and Modern Ombre with a Q & A that was quite intriguing. It is extremely rewarding as an educator when you look out at your audience and you literally see the "AHA!" Appear on their face! It is this very moment in what drives me to teach, inspire, and influence hairdressers to become the best that they can be. Whether they're behind their chair, in their salon, or in the city that they live in.

So overall the change in my schedule for this show was truly wonderful. My team and I were able to fly home on Monday morning with time to re-group and collect ourselves before starting the work week.  Thank you IBSLV for another spectacular show! In addition to all the dedicated hairdressers that inspire me to teach. Never stop learning and growing as we are the face of this beauty industry.

If you have any questions about haircolor or anything in general related to our industry please do not hesitate to email me at sherry@sherryratay.com

Thursday, June 26, 2014

How to: Avoid Hair Disasters on Your Big Day

Over the past two months we have had many beautiful brides to be into Salon Ratay for consultations on their color touch-ups, color enhancements and day of style. With wedding season in full bloom and aside  from worrying about what cake flavors and centerpieces to order, brides also have to plan their perfect look for their wedding day.
When I first consult with a bride, it’s important to find out what they like and dislike about their current hair color. Here are a few suggestions I recommend when having your consultation with a bride to be. 


"I always pull them away from stepping too far from the color they are currently wearing.”


  • Take a trip down memory lane: Think back to your natural hair color. Sometimes going with an ‘au natural’ color on the big day is best.
  • Plan your hairstyle according to the wedding theme: If you decide to go for a more delicate and romantic feel, then soft, flowing locks would be the perfect hairstyle!
  • Talk it out: be open to suggestions from your inner circle, the people who love and know you best



  • Step too far away from the current hair color. The last thing a bride wants to remember is that she regrets making a drastic change on her very important day
  • Overlook the location of your wedding: remember, an indoor vs. an outdoor wedding should be factored in how you choose your hairstyle.
  • Stress. Be calm, cool and make sure to try out different looks before making the final decision!

Most important you want the bride to be happy and stress free over her haircolor & style.  She has a lot on her mind with all that it takes in planning her life memorable day. Share in her happiness and remember you are creating her lasting look and a huge part of what she will forever remember. 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Premiere Orlando

Last weekend was the Orlando Premiere hair show. It's always so exciting for me to get on stage to talk about my true passion, haircolor. This year I ventured into something different and taught two hands-on workshops. It was a new experience and I loved being able to watch people grow as they learned something new.
I want to raise the standard in the art of haircolor applications. Teaching the people in our industry new and exciting things make a difference behind the chair. I went in depth about the visual difference in a soft ombre and the American ombre. Not having a visual starting point for your lighter ends is so sexy. Another technique I taught was Over The Top, it is perfect for transitioning your guest from season to season. Whether it be incorporating more highlights or lowlights, it's perfect for giving them that new look for spring or fall.

I am so excited to be on my way to the International Beauty Show in Las Vegas at the end of the month. Visit their website and register for my class. I can't wait to see you all there!

Look out for my next video on Youtube! I will be discussing men's haircolor and gray blending. Last year 18-20% of color services sold were men's color. Using the right product and having the right education will keep men coming back for more color services and increase your revenue. I can't wait to share this information with you, so make sure to check my Youtube channel for when that will be posted.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Sherry Ratay's Formulas featured on Behind The Chair!

I wrote an article for Behind The Chair about Summer Color Formulas. Visit Behind The Chair's website to see more!

5 Sizzlin' Celebrity Summer Shades
Celebrity color serves as the inspiration for both you and your clients. Whether it’s Emma Stone’s reddish-blonde ombré, Kim Kardashian’s chocolate brown or Jessica Chastain’s vibrant red—these hues are always in demand! At the Sherry Ratay Salon in Orlando, FL, Owner Sherry is constantly asked to recreate A-list shades. The following are the most requested hues in her salon and in her work as a Minardi Artistic Colorist. Here she shares her no-fail formulas and techniques for bringing these in-demand shades to your color-enthused clients. 
Giuliana Ranic
Starting Level: 4
Formula A (highlights): Beth Minardi Signature Permanent 2 oz. ICE Ice Age + 2 oz. 40-volume developer
Formula B (glaze): Beth Minardi Signature Demi-Liquid 2 oz. 10 Ice Hi Ho Silver + 2 oz. 5-volume developer
Starting in the front panel with a technique called “Over The Top." Apply Formula A, using soft delicate strokes within your foils while focusing on the front frame. Process for 45 minutes.  Shampoo and dry. Glaze all strands with Formula B, process for 20 minutes, shampoo and dry the hair.
Jennifer Garner
Starting Level: 4 with 40% gray
Formula A (retouch): Joico Vero-Lights + 20-volume developer
Formula B (ombré): Joico Vero-Lights + 20-volume developer
Formula C (glaze): Beth Minardi Signature Demi-Liquid 1 ½ oz. 9NB Almond Parfait + ½ oz. 6B Bambi +  2 oz. 5-volume developer

Apply Formula A  to touch-up gray roots. After finishing the retouch application, apply Formula B starting at the nape to create  a soft ombré. Using a Joico Vero-Lights color brush, blend the color in so there is NO visual starting point.  Lift to a soft, yellow, shampoo and dry the hair. Glaze all strands with Formula C, process for 15 minutes, shampoo, condition and style.
Kate Winslet
Starting Level: 6
Formula A (highlights): Beth Minardi Signature Permanent 2 oz. 12 BB Antarctica + 2 oz. 40-volume developer
Formula B (lowlights):
Beth Minardi Signature Demi Crème 2 oz. 9BG Cornsilk + 2 oz. 5-volume developer
Formula C (glaze): Beth Minardi Signature Demi Liquid 2 oz. 10G Buttercream + 2 oz. 5-volume developer
Beginning at the nape, working up and then following with the sides and top, alternate between Formulas A and B to create soft dimension. Process for 30 minutes, shampoo and dry the hair. Glaze all strands using Formula C, process for 15 minutes, shampoo and style.
Jayma Mays
Starting Level: 5
Formula A (retouch): Beth Minardi Signature Permanent 1 oz. 16G Golden Sable +1 oz. 7OG Valencia + 2 oz. 20-volume developer
Formula B (highlights): Beth Minardi Signature Permanent 2 oz. 11GO Creamsicle +2 oz. 40-volume developer
Formula C (highlights): Beth Minardi Signature Demi Crème 2 oz. 7NCG Peach Bellini + 2 oz. 5-volume developer
Formula D (glaze): Beth Minardi Signature Demi Liquid 2 oz. 10C Peach Chiffon + 2 oz. 5-volume developer

Apply Formula A  to touch-up gray roots. After finishing the retouch application, alternate Formulas B and C and process for 30 minutes, then shampoo and dry the hair. Glaze all strand with Formula D, process for 15 minutes, shampoo and style.
Marcia Cross
Starting Level:  6 with 50% gray
Formula A (retouch): Beth Minardi Signature Permanent 1 oz. 6NCB Fawn + ½ oz. 7OG Valencia +  ½ oz. 8RG Autumn Harvest + 2 oz. 20-volume developer
Formula B (midlengths and ends): Beth Minardi Signature Demi Liquid 2 oz. 10C Peach Chiffon + ½ oz. 6CG Mango + 2 ½ oz. 5-volume developer

Apply Formula A  to touch-up gray roots. Apply Formula B to midlengths and ends, process for 45 minutes, shampoo and style.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Healthy Lifestyle In The Beauty Industry

I want to expand on my last blog about taking care of myself and being in the beauty industry. This time I want to focus on how I stay healthy and why it’s important to stay in shape.

A healthy lifestyle is important to me first, because it makes me feel good. Eating the right foods and working out on a regular basis gives me the energy I need to keep up with my daily life. I believe it is very important for me to teach my kids to be aware of how eating healthy and exercising has many great benefits. In the last 34 years obesity has become more prevalent in our society. Statistics show that 30% of adults are considered obese and there is a constant battle with childhood obesity. I feel it is my duty as a mother to make my children aware of these statistics so they continue to have a healthy mindset.

Now I’ve always been a healthy eater, so it’s not much of a chore for me to stay on the right path of eating. I love fruits and veggies. Cooking is how I relax during the week. I love being able to prepare fresh, healthy meals for my family. Dinner time is very important to me, being able to sit down with my children and husband discussing their days is great family time. I bring the leftovers to work with me the next day. A few favorites of mine are roasted beets, sautéed kale with onions and garlic, chicken and romaine lettuce on the grill. Delicious! That being said, I still love my dark chocolate and red wine. But of course all in moderation. Ladies, I'm sure many of you fight the same fight I do with your husbands. When I want to cook a nice healthy meal, my husband wants to bring home an extra large cheesy pizza, have McDonald's for lunch or eat ice cream for dessert every night. I know it's a hard battle, but don't give up! 

I am also very conscious about the foods I buy. I strongly believe that all the chemicals used to make our foods grow have an effect on our bodies. I am on Food Inc.'s website on a regular basis researching and reading up on the latest food studies. I check which foods are good to buy organic (to avoid GMOs) and which foods I can get away with buying non-organic. I visit my local farmer's market to buy my organic fruits and vegetables. Publix has their GreenWise (all natural and organic)section. They have a wide variety of meats, cheeses, cereals and so much more. Next time you go to your local grocery store, check to see if they have a similar section.

I have to say that as far as exercising, I love having my personal trainer. Matt Arena of Arena Fitness (based out of Lake Mary, FL.) keeps me accountable for my exercise, my eating habits, he knows my goals and keeps me on track. When I exercise with Matt, he makes sure I have proper form and pushes me harder than I would push myself. I love it! My favorite thing is boxing. (Try this ladies, it's a great stress reliever!) When I don't exercise with Matt, I will ride bikes with my children and go on long walks with my husband (good for both our mental and physical health). Even when I travel, I make my way to the hotel gym in the morning.
Like I mentioned in my last blog, this is what works for me and how I choose to raise my family. I know not everyone can dedicate all the time I do, but I wanted to share the healthy choices I make in my life. I know everyone's life is different, what matters is that you put in the effort (even if it's small). You don't have to join a gym or see a personal trainer, but go for a walk with your kids after dinner or substitute your morning frappe for a green tea. Making those little changes in your life make all the difference in the world.
** Make sure you speak and consult your family physician before starting an exercise routine.