Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer color for Lacey Sherry Ratay

Summer color for Lacey Chabert......First I will begin with Lacey is genuinely Authentically nice inside and out.  It was a pleasure to work with her hair. 
Lacey and I sat together and had an open dialog with what her and i wanted to see at the end of our time together.  When sitting with Lacey I noticed her beautiful eye color, which brought me to my choice of glazing.  When looking at her eye's the area around her pupil was the color of a NEW penny with flakes of brown within...then as I looked further out from the pupil I began to see cool flecks of Green/Brown.  I must say her eyes are one of a kind.I then began creating Lacey's summer haircolor with multiple haircolor brands.

I began with her foundation color Redken Shades EQ 6NB and 5G.
I then start the American Baliage technique in the bottom nape working up and forward with alternating my two different shades.
  • Wella Color Touch 5/3
  • Joico K-Pak HLG
Concentrating the mid-lenghts and ends more of the Joico K-Pak HLG to create golden ribbons running throughout, as well as face framing her summer golden shade.  Glazed entire hair with Joico Chrome G8......Gorgeous haircolor on a beautiful lady!


Keeping It Real....Modern

Sherry Ratay's Salon Ratay in Central Florida conducts a photo shoot every two years to showcase its talented team and beautiful color work.  Collection photos serve as consultation tools for illustrating hair color needs, likes and results.  The photos are created "the Ratay way"with work done by Ratay junior colorists, salon designers and with clients serving as models.  The photos are on display throughout Salon Ratay as evidence of the quality work coming out of Team Ratay.  "There is no fake or phony work," says Ratay.  "Each collection showcases the Ratay brand and the quality that stands behind it."

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

IBS Las Vegas Beauty Show

 Wow what a great weekend with discussions including, Salon professional business building, Haircolor, eye color, skin tone, and personality.  I hope I have inspired other hairdressers to think out of the box when formulating for someones haircolor, it is so vital to analyze all aspects of someones life, do not forget to take the time to analyze someones personality.
  If you put a soft and delicate haircolor on someone that wants to have haircolor that stops people on the streets how many shades are within that style.  Well what more can I say than sorry honey you missed it.  You only have one opportunity to create haircolor on that one guest, make sure you rock it out!  Here are a few photos from this past weekend in Vegas...What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas:)

5 Rock Star Celebrity Formulas

Fabulous pipes, rockin’ style and amazing hair. These ladies don’t just rule the music scene—they’ve also made a name for themselves as bonafide style stars. With the whole world watching—and emulating—their every move, you better believe their unique color formulas are on the top of your clients’ must-have lists. From Hayley Williams’ electric red to Adele’s warm and soothing blonde, Sherry Ratay, owner of Sherry Ratay Salon in Lake Mary, FL, provides the pro scoop on how to recreate rock royalty chart-topping hues.


Faith Hill
Starting Level:
Retouch: Joico K-PAK 2 oz 9A + 2 oz 20-volume. Process for 45 minutes, shampoo and dry. 
Highlights: Alternate Joico Vero-Lights + 20-volume and Joico Chrome B6 + Activator. These formulas create a soft shade on shade gold. Process, shampoo and dry.
Glaze: Joico Chrome 2 oz G9 + 2 oz Activator. Process for 10 minutes, cleanse and dry.


Sharon Osbourne
Starting Level:
3 with 80% gray
Retouch: L’Oréal Professionnel INOA 8 g 5.56/5.RvR + 8 g 5.0/5.N + 60 g 20-volume + 40 g Oleo Gel
Midlengths and Ends: INOA 8 g 5.56/5.RvR + 30 g 30-volume + 20 g Oleo Gel. Process for 35 minutes, cleanse and dry.
Glaze: 16 g 6.60/6.RRR + 60 g 10-volume + 40 g Oleo Gel. Process for 20 minutes, cleanse and dry.


 Hayley Williams
Starting Level:
Retouch: Wella Koleston Perfect 2 oz 77/44-77/RR + 2 oz 6%
Midlengths and Ends: Wella Color Touch 1 oz + 7/43-7/RG + ½ oz 0/34-0/GR + 3 oz 1.9%. Process for 45 minutes, cleanse and dry.

Kelly Osbourne
Starting Level:
Retouch: Clairol 7th Stage Lightener + 4oz of Clairol 20-volume + 3 packets Lightening Activators + 2oz Crème Hair Lightener.
Midlengths and Ends: Clairol 7th Stage Lightener + 4 oz Clairol 20-volume + 2 packets Lightening Activators + 2 oz Crème Hair Lightener. Apply only to midlengths and ends after retouch, process 50-70 minutes to a pale yellow, shampoo and dry. 
Glaze: Redken Shades EQ 2 oz 09T + 1 cap Blue Kicker + 2 oz SEQ Processing Solution.  Process for 10 minutes, cleanse and dry.

Starting Level:
Retouch: INOA 16 g 8.33/8.GG + 60 g 20-volume + 40 g Oleo Gel
Midlengths and Ends: 16 g 8.34/8.GC + 60 g 30-volume + 40 g Oleo Gel. Process for 35 minutes, cleanse and dry. 
Highlights: L’Oreal Platinium Ammonia Free + 20-volume. Starting at the nape, create soft pieces running throughout the hair, creating the most lightness around the face. Process to a pale yellow, cleanse and dry.
Glaze: L’Oreal Dia Lights 1.7 oz 9.3/9.G + 2.6 oz 6-volume. Process for 10 minutes, cleanse and dry.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Orlando Premeire Beauty show


Wow is all I really have to say after a fantastic weekend creating beautiful haircolor at the Orlando Premiere show.  Five models, Golden Blonde, Ombre', Red on Red, Velvety Brunette, and Pastel Blonde.  Thank you to a wonderful staff of mine, Jacob, Rebekkah, Seonhee, Alicia, Tarah, Jazmin, and Holly.  Hands up to all of you!!  Check out more photos on my facebook page "Sherry Ratay"