Thursday, January 31, 2013

Devon Rachel's experience at Gavert Atelier with me....Gorgeous Blonde shades.

Photos by: Sydne of Sydne Style
| Dress: Bebe c/o | Shoes: Rebecca Minkoff | Bracelets + Ring: David Yurman | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff | Lipstick: 'Funny Face' by Nars

I'm so excited to finally reveal my new hair cut + color to you guys! Out with the old and in with the new! I did away with the long craziness and ombre mess and opted for a fresh, lighter, airy cut and color. I was just sick of the mess and honestly I had never seen my hair so dark. It just wasn't me.
Luckily, the fabulous colorist Sherry Ratay completely understood where I was coming from. She mixed up three concoctions and did more work on my hair than I've ever had done color wise. I was in the dryer, out of the dryer, in the dryer half way, then out. It was a lot of moving around but Sherry created this crazy cool darker honey blonde that I wanted! She's basically a genius. And my hair felt like cashmere when I left. No joke.
Then it was on to Mika, my love! She's definitely a genius when it comes to hair cutting. She cuts your hair dry! Yep, you heard right. Mika has perfected this cut and she's just a doll to be around. I'm always excited to see her and pry for information about what celebrity's hair she's styled recently. Especially since it's awards season! Basically, Mika is also amazing and helped me get some shape back into that mess of a do I used to have! 

As far as fashion goes: I styled this look for the Bebe blog (check it out to see why I styled it for Valentine's day). I loved the mod feel and always like to take a different route when it comes to sometimes cliche holidays. Hope you guys like it! :)
Happy Friday!

According to Kimberly!


January's Featured Interview is with none other than celebrity hair colorist Sherry Ratay - an internationally acclaimed, award-winning color expert and salon owner. With her 20 years of expertise Sherry has been featured in Vogue, Modern Salon, American Salon and Behind the Chair along with other abroad publications sharing her passion for haircolor.
What makes Sherry stand out?
Sherry Ratay has made a name for herself out of her Salon - Salon Ratay in Orlando, Florida. She has colored the hair of Hollywood Starlets like Audrina Patridge, Lacey Chabert and many more which has lead up to a high demand on her expertise of coloring. Sherry colors the “Ratay Way” which is all about taking in all of the person’s qualities and enhancing them by adding the most important accessory one has - their hair.
Where is Sherry located?
Sherry currently resides in Central Florida where her luxurious salon, Salon Ratay, is located and was named #1 hair colorist by Orlando Magazine. As the Ratay brand develops Sherry also travels bicoastal for her LA clientele.
Sherry's best hair color advice?
When choosing the perfect shade for your hair…it is ALWAYS a must to first understand what would look best with your eye color, skin tone, and of course your existing natural hair texture and haircolor. Just because the TREND says it’s a trend DOES NOT mean that it is a perfect choice for you. Seek your Professional recommendation from your Haircolorist.
Sherry's hair color predictions for 2013?
We can all say that the ombre’ is still alive and happening but what I see happening is my version of the European Ombre’. Which is exactly this….deep dark chocolate shadow on the regrowth with the ends reflecting shades of soft terra cotta, or Raspberry Truffle shadow on the regrowth with the ends reflecting to shades of the Pacific sunset, or even with blondes…..tawny medium blonde on the regrowth with the ends softly taking on the shades like corn silk. Now that’s beautiful sexy haircolor…and I must say touchable! 
How to stay up to date with Sherry? 
Follow her on Facebook (Salon Ratay) / Twitter (@sherryratay) / Instagram (@sherryratay), of course!  
Coming up next? My personal hair coloring experience with Sherry Ratay (including pics) will be up shortly so keep an eye out. ;)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

HOW TO: Blonde, Brunette, Red With Beth Minardi Signature Color

Thank you for sharing my beautiful models.  These models below show my way of creating beautiful perfect shades with Blondes, Brunettes, and Redheads.  Please enjoy.....

Sherry Ratay, owner of Florida’s Salon Ratay, is also a renowned colorist and educator who teaches nationally as a Minardi Artistic Colorist. She created these finishes to showcase how colorists can develop results that enhance a client’s existing look, rather than giving her a complete makeover. Using the newly launched Beth Minardi Signature color, which features 56 dimensional, high-shine shades.

 Red on Red
Model Taylor’s Natural level 3 hair was previously 80-percent highlighted to an orange/yellow.
Step 1: Fill hair with BMS liquid (Beth Minardi Signature shade) 1 ½ oz 6CG + 1 ½ oz 8C + 3 oz of 5 volume developer.
Step 2: Process for 10 minutes under heat and 10 minutes at room temperature, shampoo hair and dry.
Step 3: Alternate lowlights with these four formulas.
•    Joico Chrome 2oz RC6 + 1oz RB4 + a touch of RO with Activator
•    Joico K-Pak 7XR +  20-volume developer
•    BMS (Beth Minardi Signature shade) 6RC + 20-volume developer
•    Equal parts of Joico Orange and Red Intensifiers
Step 4: Process for 45 minutes, shampoo hair and dry.
Step 5: Glaze with BMS liquid 1oz 4RR + 1oz 8C + 2 oz 5-volume developer. Process for 10 minutes.

Lit From Within
Model Alyssa’s Natural level 5 hair was taken to a healthy, shiny result with a natural finish.
Step 1: Alternate highlights with these three formulas
•    BMS 2 oz 12 Ice + 2 oz 20-volume developer
•    BMS 2 oz 10BB + 2 oz 20-volume developer
•    BMS 2 oz 9 Ice + 2 oz 20-volume developer
Step 2: Process for 45 minutes, shampoo and towel dry
Step 3: Glaze entire head with BMS liquid 3 oz 10G + 3 oz 5-volume developer. Process for 10 minutes.

 Blonde on Blonde
Model Chrissy’s Natural level 5 hair, which floated up to a Level 8 in the front, was enhanced with a combination of Vero Lights and BMS.
Step 1: Highlight with Joico Vero Lights + 20-volume developer, lifting to pale yellow.
Step 2: Lowlite with Joico 1 oz G6 + 1 oz 9BG + 2 oz 5-volume developer
Step 3: Shampoo and towel dry.
Step 4: Glaze with 1 oz Joico Chrome B9 + 1 ½ oz Activator. Process for 10 minutes.

Watch my video explaing my thoughts and ideas of why I selected the shades and haircolor lines that I did certaion Haircolor and applications to create my looks.