Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Ratay Holiday Party!

The holiday season is robust! It’s filled with a spirit of laughter and joy to which the word “merry” becomes a contagious action shown through everyone. Holiday parties with warm fires, cocktail toast and cashmere sweaters. I love having family and friends gather together every year for my Ratay Christmas party. Everyone comes together for an evening of great company, delightful drinks, my famous Italian meatballs and a gift exchange that keeps everyone laughing. With this being the fourth year hosting my party, I would consider it becoming a holiday traditions for Mike and I.
Wine and cocktails are served with appetizers of different Italian meats, cheeses and olives followed by an Italian dinner with my special meatballs (which I spend the weekend before making). They are always a hit. There usually are two types of pasta, this year it was Lasagna and pesto which were also delicious and paired perfectly with the Chianti wine. Mike, my husband, made a special shot this year called Cinnamon Crunch. He used the liquor Fireball with cinnamon whiskey and Caruva Horchata; oddly it tasted just like the cereal, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, the spice flavor of it was perfect for the holidays and those who enjoy doing shots, personally I can’t stand them!

It truly is great to see everyone interacting together for the holidays that “merry” spirit just takes over making the evening delightful!  My favorite part of the whole night is our white elephant gift exchange, every year I do a different theme, and this year was any head accessory (such as a hat or head band). Gifts range from beautiful beach hats to hilarious elf hats that danced and sung on your head, as well as a leopard printed hat that extended to the length of the persons arms. Luckily, I ended up with a beautiful white scarf with a little silver shimmer inside I was really excited for my gift because past years I end up with the weird ones or funny ones that I probably would never use.

After 11pm the “normal” party stops and the after party begins. We danced, drank and played an array of games; it was a blast! This year Mike added a disco ball for all the dancing that takes place which everyone actually enjoyed.  This is what the holidays are all about; letting go of all worries, spending time with family and friends enjoying the spirit of “merry” which flows through the air and counting our blessings in which we have received.

From the Ratay family to yours, wishing you a Merry Christmas!

Mike, Sherry, Savannah, Ashley and LeeMichael 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Today Show Hairstyle Tips

Here's some great tips I shared with the Today Show on how to have a hairstyle that lasts five days after a blowout, based on Duchess Kate's past trip to the US! This is perfect for the holidays to look like a queen even when you're away from home.