Saturday, November 30, 2013

Articles About Sherry Ratay!

I have recently had two articles written about me; both women were guests I had in New York at Julien Farel.

Fashion Pulse Daily's Julia DiNardo went in depth about how I created perfect red shade on her.

Colorist Sherry Ratay Takes My Haircolor to the Next Level

hair color before and after
[My "before" and "after" pics]
Sherry Ratay is part colorist, part scientist, and overall a huge genius! I recently had the “Ratay experience” at the Julien Farel Salon in Manhattan, where the Orlando, Florida-based Ratay (if you’re in the Orlando area, check out Sherry’s salon, Salon Ratay!) comes every 4-6 weeks to cater to her New York clientele, which includes celebrities, influentials, and overall, women who just appreciate a custom, gorgeous hair shade. With color at the heart of her passion, Sherry is a 20+ year veteran of the industry, traveling and teaching the art of color all over the country.

Since going red nine months ago, I’m still navigating the exact shade that looks best on me, and I last refreshed the gingery hue myself via a box of at-home color. It did the trick for the time being, and as much as I know about beauty, there’s nothing like having a talented colorist work on your tresses!

I loved listening to Sherry wax poetic about mixing color which takes a keen eye, understanding of the product used, and from what I could gather, a deep knowledge of the numbering system for the colors and even some chemistry. Most of this, of course, goes on behind the scenes, so I don’t think most people have the opportunity to fully appreciate the thought process that goes into procuring the perfect color.  Talking to Sherry after my salon visit, she gave me the breakdown of my hair before, during, and after the process;
To describe your haircolor on the day that we met…it wasn’t bad, but it just needed some TLC.  You are naturally a warm ginger shade, so I went in and erased some of the existing haircolor with deeper amber shades while also creating light golden ribbons throughout your hair style.  Warmth looks GREAT on you, with your light eye color,  porcelain skin, and of course your natural haircolor.  What I did was create a glow from within your hairstyle with the CORRECT shades.
with sherry ratay

[After my new color is complete, with Sherry Ratay]
The end result, of course, ended up being stunning, and while at the salon I  felt assured that I would end up with a hue to match my personality, lifestyle, and looks, in Sherry’s able hands. While there, I also received a cut a trim and blow out from Alicia Delbrey, the Creative Artistic Director at Salon Ratay, who travels with Sherry when she goes to NYC. Love my look? Been craving a color change? Or a little bit of a color update? Book an appointment with Sherry Ratay at Salon Ratay in Orlando, Florida (407-330-5151) or contact the Julien Farel Salon Madison Avenue location for an appointment (212) 888-8988) when Sherry’s in New York City!
Tamae Ishii at wrote a lovely article about highlights being a wonderful accessory not only for summer, but for winter as well.

Winter highlights, the ultimate beauty accessory

 This fall, instead of buying a new winter hat or scarf, why not try some winter highlights as your “accessory” for the season? After all, your hair is always an important part of your look and beautiful highlights are a great way to add a dose of sunshine into your cold winter days.
I decided to try this new winter “accessory” myself, but I was a bit reluctant about getting highlights due to an unfortunate experience years ago where I got highlights and ended up with the dreaded brassy red hair that is common when Asian hair is processed incorrectly…
Enter Sherry Ratay, internationally acclaimed celebrity hair colorist and award winning color expert. I knew I would be foolish if I didn’t allow her to highlight my hair and ladies I was not disappointed! Fearing the brassiness that I received in the past, I was pleasantly surprised to see glamorous, beautiful results without a hint of red-orange in sight. Just beautiful caramel colored shimmering highlights expertly applied by Sherry who also took into consideration that I did not like high maintenance hair and therefore did not start the highlights too close to my roots where there would be a visible outgrowth.
Sherry carefully studied where my hair fell naturally before starting so that she could determine the best placement for each highlight and used an exclusive line of hair color called MAC (Minardi Artistic Colorists) which did not have the strong chemical smell of most hair color, always a plus.
With over 20 years of experience behind her and having been featured in publications such as Vogue and Modern Salon, Sherry splits her time between her home in Florida where she owns the luxurious “Salon Ratay” and New York’s Julien Farel Salon on Madison Avenue. Her celebrity clients include Audrina Patridge, Lacey Chabert and Sonja Morgan among others.
As Sherry says, “hair color is the ultimate beauty accessory” and I agree. Make an appointment for your perfect winter “accessory” by calling the Julien Farel Salon located at 605 Madison Avenue, 212-888-8988.


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sherry Ratay's Bi-Anual Color Forum

     Several weeks ago, I hosted my second in-salon Color Forum! It was an exciting day full of education and color conversation. The conversations are about what makes us money behind the chair: clients with gray hair, fading redheads, oxidizing blondes, brassy brunettes, the list goes on. We also covered a key fact, the truth about hydrogen peroxide. (this is a touchy one)

     Our day started with our beautiful model Julia. Julia came in as an icy summer blonde, now that we are in fall it was time to move her into more warmer shades. I brightened her foundation with Joico Base Breaker and created dimensional ribbons of strawberry using the Beth Minardi Signature shades Demi-Crème.

    Maryann is a very special client of mine and a client we all have behind the chair, "gray coverage". I touched up her base with Beth Minardi Signature shades permanent dye 1 oz. of 4R, and 1 oz. of 4BB, giving her soft lift AND 100% gray coverage without giving her hot roots.

   Our next model was Maria, who too was a gray coverage touch up. Maria is 60% gray, instead of using permanent dye to cover her gray I used a demi-permanent crème. I transitioned Maria's dimensional color into fall shades of Autumn Harvest. It was absolutely breath taking!

Pictured above -- Julia
     Last, but not least was my husband Michael. There is  nothing worse than seeing a man that has just colored his hair and it is the color of "black shoe polish".  When working with male clients I reach for Beth Minardi Signature shades Demi-Liquid....I only wanted to blend away his gray....NOT COVER COMPLETELY. I must say, it now looks perfect!

Pictured right -- Maria
 Pictured left -- Michael
      Now with so much being covered, there are three points of conversation that were my favorite!
- First, covering gray with a demi-crème instead of permanent dye.
- Second, making sure that you, the colorist, are choosing the appropriate shades for your guests skin tone and eye color.
- And last, but certainly not least, the truth about hydrogen peroxide.
Looking ahead to future Color Forums, I will be discussing allergies to hair color dyes and paraphenylenediamine! 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Q&A with Beauty and the Feast's Editor-in-Chief Shyema Azam!

Shyema's finished color and style.
During my past trip to New York, I had the pleasure of working with Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Beauty and the Feast Blog, Shyema Azam. I created ribbons of beautiful, blended pieces through her mid-lengths and ends. After Alicia finished her gorgeous blow out, we sat down and discussed hair color!

Beauty and the Feast: What are some trends for Fall/Winter with hair color?
Sherry Ratay
: Brunettes are the HOT this season! That doesn’t necessarily mean that blondes and redheads are a no go. For the fall/winter, blondes need to incorporate some deeper blonde pieces or even consider adjusting from a pastel to a cashmere Blonde.

BATF: What is the most requested service?

Ratay: Ombre has and will be for a while the most requested service in my salon. But here is what is different with it now — think softer variations of color. Not so stark in the dark-to-light!
BATF: What are some tips for some one nervous to color their hair for their first time?

Ratay: Always go on recommendation! If you see someone’s color you love, stop and ask them who does it.
BATF: How does one prepare for the appointment?

Ratay: When I have someone sit in my salon chair for the first time, there are many things I look for personality, existing hair color, skin tone, and eye color. These few things help direct me for the PERFECT selection of shades and application for this one particular client. I LOVE when a new client comes in prepared with photos of haircolor she likes and dislikes, this is a huge part of helping my client feel comfortable during the consultation process.

Shyema and I.