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Dirty and Thirty


6 Tips to Having Sexy, Beautiful Hair Color.
by dirtyandthirty
Everything we learned from Sherry Ratay at Gavert Atelier Salon In Los Angeles.
1. Don’t pluck grey hair. Instead get “hair mascara”. It is a Temporary Touchups for color treated Hair.  The mascara-like wand puts temporary color exactly where you want it.  It covers up roots or can create highlights.
2. Choose your shampoo and conditioner wisely.  Use shampoo and conditioner that supports color treated hair to maintain your color and keep your hair in the best condition for that everyday, beautiful look. You want to clean and conditions your hair, but the key is to protect it. Try Minardi Luxury Color Care System Products-
3. Don’t wash your hair everyday.  Shampoo dries out your hair and fades your color. If you need to freshen up try some dry shampoo.
4. Know what you want. Learn the different coloring styles so you can get the color style that pleases you.
Ombre – A dark to light fade of color is used in this technique. Instead of color that starts at the root, darker roots blend into a lightened color toward the end.
Balayage-  A hair coloring technique designed to create very natural-looking highlights that grow out without developing noticable roots.
American Balayage – Same theory as Balayage except uses foils. This technique was designed by Beth Minardi.  This processs speeds up the processing time because the foil is metal and it conducts heat.
All over one step process – The color is all one tone. It can be permanent or semi-permanent with out any highlights.  Your entire color is the same.
Traditional highlights and lowlights –  Sections of your hair are coloured darker or lighter, leaving your base color alone.
Double process color – combining an all over color to change the base of your hair with highlights and/or lowlights.
5. Know what color tones compliment you.  Your skin tone and eye color should determine your hair tone. Think about what colors look better on you. Do you look better in ashy colors (cool tones)  or warm colors.
6. Use styling products. Chosing the right styling products for your hair is key to maintaining beautiful, sexy hair.  It helps control frizz and protect your hair from heat. Try Glisten Color Reflecting Drops.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Hair Files: Sherry Ratay at Gavert Atelier Salon

 So lately I've been really missing my hair extensions and fact of the matter is, when I'm not feeling good about my HAIR, I'm not feeling good about myself. It's sad but true.  So when my a PR friend reached out and let me know that the famed Sherry Ratay was in town from Florida (on behalf of Minardi) and, gasp, doing highlights at Gavert Atelier, I literally jumped up and an instant smile was on my face.  For anyone who doesn't know, Sherry is an award-winning color expert, known for her gorgeous reds and balayage (my fave!) highlights.
It's really embarassing that good hair- such a little (and somewhat shallow) thing- can make me happy but it DOES, so sorry for partying. And actually, this was the best timing ever because I had JUST booked an amazing video opportunity with PopSugar (more on that December 5th when it goes live!) and hi, I definitely can't go on-camera with BROWN ROOTS.  So then there's that.  If you're in Florida or LA (when she's in town), I highly suggest you book an appointment since I'm pretty much obsessed with my "baby blonde," as Sherry called it, highlights.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Colorist Sherry Ratay's Winter Hair Care Tips to Keep Your Color from Fading


  I'm a natural blonde, but I'm not quite as blonde as I would like to be, especially during the winter months. Ideally, I'd like to be "Gwyneth Paltrow at the Oscars" blonde, but I have to have a little help from the salon in order to get my hair Gwyneth-level blonde. So I visited celebrity hairstylist and renowned colorist Sherry Ratay at Salon Gavert Atelier in Beverly Hills for a much-needed color boost.

Ratay freshened my highlights, taking me from honey blonde to baby blonde. The slight change in color made a huge difference, leaving my hair looking healthier, shinier, and of course, blonder. Ratay also gave me her top three tips for keeping my color from fading fast during the winter:

1. Visit the salon for a glaze to brighten your highlights.
2. On very windy and freezing days during the winter, wrap your hair in a cute headscarf before stepping outside.
3. Saturate your hair from mid-length to tips with Minardi Pre-Wash, $35, and wrap your hair with a warm towel. Wait 10 minutes, and then cleanse with Minardi Wash, $19.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanks for the great words Kelsi.

Ombre' Tutorial

Check out this Fash Video’s from my interview with Vanessa Mujica from Starpulse – the video touches on the Ombre’ and the Ratay way of doing an ombre’ that does not look as if it is clashing together but instead ‘marrying’ one another.

Celebrity colorist Sherry Ratay gives me an ombré touch-up for the red-carpet and tells you what trends are hot this season for brunettes, blondes and red-heads! Watch!

 Thanks for taking a look.......

Friday, November 16, 2012

New Hair Color: Ratay's Red

I had the pleasure of working on Lizzy's beautiful hair....she is gorgeous as a redhead!  Below are words from Lizzy after our time together.

After seeing the stunning blonde and brunette color from celebrity stylist Sherry Ratay's Hues of Natural Perfection, I was looking forward to seeing her color on a redhead. Last week, I was in luck. I got to be that redhead!

The Florida based Minardi Elite Colorist and salon owner frequently travels bicoastal for her LA clientele. She also trains beauty professionals nationwide in the art of hair color. When I heard Sherry was in LA, I jumped at the chance to book an appointment with her at Gavert Atelier Salon in Beverly Hills. Ratay is known for her beautiful reds, so I was excited to see her in action.

Sherry created a gorgeous rich red that was natural, yet sassy. A fabulous blowout by Mika Fowler really showed off my new color. Check out the photo!


 Sherry offered some great advice to protect red color between salon visits.  Here are a few of her tips:
  • Always use a salon professional sunscreen for the hair.....Kerastase Soleil is wonderful!
  • Alternate every 3-4 shampoos with a color enhancing shampoo, L'Oréal Professionnel has warm reds and cool reds to choose from.
  • In between your color touch ups, visit the salon for a glaze to refresh the vibrancy of the tone.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Columbus, Ohio Premiere Beauty Classics.

I just got back from a busy weekend in Columbus Ohio to share my thoughts and ideas on  how to create beautiful hair color using tools from many of my mentors in the past 20+ years, yes 20+ years....Time fly's when your having fun!  I had the pleasure of created on 2 totally different canvases.  Both of my models had level 4, the difference was one was cool brown and one was warm brown.    



American Baliage technique creating soft caramel shades running through.  I started in the bottom nape working up and forward on diagnal and ALL slices, leaving only 15% of her natural in between foil....yes its alot of work but beautiful believable results!  Focusing the 8Gc+ as her focus hair color.

Formula 1- Joico K-Pak 8Gc+ with 40 volume
Formula 2- Joico K-Pak 6Cg+ with 20 volume
Formula 3- Joico K-Pak &FOR with 20 volume

Soft Ombre technique....I started with in the nape coloring ALL ends in foils, applying haircolor only on mid-lenghts and ends and slices on a soft diagonal to create an endless beginning.

Formula 1-Joico HLG with double 40 volume, process for 60 minutes.
Cleansed and dried and started part 2 of this creation.

Created dept on her regrowth out to 4-6 inches and carmel on the ends.

Formula 1-Wella Color Touch 1 oz 6-45, 1 oz 44/45, and 2 oz of 1.9%
Formula 2-Redken SEQ 1oz 9AA, 1oz 6WG,m and 2oz processing solution.

Processed for 30 minutes....Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Attention! Celeb Colorist Sherry Ratay Advises On Getting The Most Out Of Your Highlights.

I’m a girl who needs her bottle-blond tresses tended to every now and then, so when I saw Audrina Patridge getting her hair colored at Gavert Atelier by Minardi colorist Sherry Ratay on August 22nd in Beverly Hills, I had a few questions.
A bit about Ratay: She’s an internationally acclaimed, award-winning color expert and salon owner who is currently a certified “INOA” color educator with L’Oreal Professionnel.  Before that, she was a color educator with Redken for seven years.
Ratay is an active board member of the Joico Color Council and is a part of the Minardi elite colorist team.  With her 20 years of expertise Ratay has been featured in Vogue, Modern Salon, American Salon and Behind the Chair along with other abroad publications sharing her passion for hair-color.  Ratay currently resides in Central Florida running her own business, Salon Ratay and was named #1 hair colorist by Orlando Magazine.

 Audrina Patridge Minardi Colorist Sherry Ratay Gavert Atelier Salon Beverly Hills

SL: After first getting your hair colored, what are some ways to keep the color fresh?
SR: The most important factor is NOT to shampoo your hair for 48 hours after any color service….Naturally it take the cuticle layer on the hair shaft 48 hours to seal back to its natural state.
There’s soooooo much more to learn
SL: Some colorists use a toner along with the highlights. What does that do?
SR: Toners-glazes-refreshers…are all the same thing. There are a few reasons why I use a Glaze after highlights, first to achive desired tone, second is to help in the process of sealing the hair shaft, and third is to condition the hair.
SL: Can you really make your color last a little longer in between touch-ups?
SR: Yes, the less you shampoo and/or use a sulfate free shampoo like Kerastase Chroma Sensitive Cleansing Balm.
SL: How do you prevent your roots from becoming too obvious?
The closer you stay to your natural haircolor the easier it is to hide it…..if you choose not to then try a zig zagish part….never a solid line part.
SL: It’s summer-Should us gals who get our hair colored stay away from the elements? What if we REALLY love to swim?
SR: I am a ‘sun in the fun lady as well’ and I have found that lightly applying some Minardi Pre-Wash on your hair and then wrapping in a bun, now your hair is protected and getting conditioned at the same time. I love it!
SL:  What is the most effective (and easiest) way to keep your hair healthy and gorgeous?
SR: Protect your hair as it is a delicate piece of fabric….if you color it condition it PROFESSIONALY….not just your daily conditioner.
SL: Does a cold rinse at the end of your shower really work to help seal in the color?
SR: Yes and it can be a bit refreshing!

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How to get Audrina Patridge new haircolor.

There's been a lot of buzz lately about Audrina Patridge's new look. We checked in with her Minardi certified colorist, Sherry Ratay of the Gavert Atilier Salon in Beverly Hills, to get the scoop:
“I start with a few very important steps when coloring hair including analyzing existing haircolor, hair texture, skin tone, and eye color.
"For Audrina, I created a shade on shade hair color by doing the American Baliage technique with a slice or a slice-skip-slice throughout the entire head and focusing around Audrina’s front hairline with light pieces.
"With beginning in the nape area and working up and forward, I placed two different lowlights depending where I needed to create depth and where it needed more warmth."
The formulas (all Joico):
• Highlight-with Vero lights and 20 volume
• Lowlite 1-B5 with Activator
• Lowlite 2-2oz G6 and a dash of RC8
• Foundation color-1oz RB4 and 2oz G6 with Activator
• Glaze entire hair with 3ozG9and a dash of RO with Activator
The hair is maintained with Minardi Luxury Color Care Wah #3 and Minardi Pre-Wash

To read more on Audrina's new haircolor follow link to...

Audrina Patridge stepping into her fall haircolor with Sherry Ratay.

The reality TV star was spotted at the Gavert Atelier salon in Beverly Hills on Wednesday getting her long locks dyed by Minardi colorist Sherry Ratay, just less than 24 hours after her magical Sin City appearance.
It looked like Audrina took a page out of Kim K’s book with her black Balmain leather shorts, which she paired with an ecru tank, black booties and vintage Chanel purse. Sunglasses, a Whitley Designs necklace and her fabulously wavy hair completed her look!


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Monday, August 6, 2012

HOT by Hairs how...Sherry Ratay

Thnak you to HOT for sharing my toughts on my wonderful beauty industry!!

Internationally acclaimed, award-winning color expert Sherry Ratay is also the owner of Florida's posh Salon Ratay and a certified "INOA" color educator with L'Oreal Professional.

Sherry Ratay -
Sherry Ratay
Ratay frequently jetsets across the continent to train beauty professionals in the art of fine hair color. Recognized as the No. 1 hair colorist by Orlando Magazine, Ratay has more than 20 years of expertise, and has been featured in many high-profile publications such as Vogue. She is an active board member of the Joico Color Council and is a part of the Minardi elite colorist team.

Q. What key attribute has truly defined your career?
A. From when I was young child, I always wanted more for myself. If someone told me I couldn't do something that pushed me even harder. Success comes from within you rather than from what others perceive.

Q. Tell HOT about your own education and what it means to you.
A. I attended any class that I could on topics ranging from color to cutting, product knowledge, business building and more. I'd study with any beauty company that would teach me. I still do that today even if it means I have no day off!

Q. What trends in color and design are you eagerly embracing?
A. Brunettes are so hot right now, thanks to the Kardashians. Ombre and American Balayage are still trending--darker regrowth, and lighter and brighter on the ends. If you're seeking more punch, try chalking the hair.

Q. What valuable lessons have you learned?
A. Always take the opportunity to fail. In failing you'll grow and surpass any expectations that you may have.

Q. Which creative geniuses do you admire most and why?
A. Steve Jobs because he was persistent and kept reaching for success, both personally and professionally. Oprah is a powerful, independent woman who pushed herself to success. She is proof that our upbringing does not define who we are.

Q. Where do you find inspiration?
A. In fashion and trade magazines. I find lots of colors and textures in fabric. I also find inspiration in children's hair color. When have you ever seen a child's hair color and thought it didn't look great? Never-it's naturally beautiful.

Q. If you weren't in the industry, what would you do?
A. I am very fortunate that I'm able to fulfill many of my passions from behind the chair. This includes teaching other colorists, owning/running a business and coloring.

Q. What does color mean to you?
A. Hair color is the ultimate beauty accessory. It speaks mountains about who we are and what we can become.

Q. What recent awards or accomplishments have you been honored with?
A. In addition to being named No. 1 Haircolorist in Central Florida and Best Hair Salon by Orlando Magazine, I was featured in Vogue's "Power" issue.

Q. What advice do you have for aspiring artists?
A. Believe in yourself and take risks. Get an education from any beauty manufacturer that's willing to teach you. Also, surround yourself with others who have the ambition and drive that you're striving for.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer color for Lacey Sherry Ratay

Summer color for Lacey Chabert......First I will begin with Lacey is genuinely Authentically nice inside and out.  It was a pleasure to work with her hair. 
Lacey and I sat together and had an open dialog with what her and i wanted to see at the end of our time together.  When sitting with Lacey I noticed her beautiful eye color, which brought me to my choice of glazing.  When looking at her eye's the area around her pupil was the color of a NEW penny with flakes of brown within...then as I looked further out from the pupil I began to see cool flecks of Green/Brown.  I must say her eyes are one of a kind.I then began creating Lacey's summer haircolor with multiple haircolor brands.

I began with her foundation color Redken Shades EQ 6NB and 5G.
I then start the American Baliage technique in the bottom nape working up and forward with alternating my two different shades.
  • Wella Color Touch 5/3
  • Joico K-Pak HLG
Concentrating the mid-lenghts and ends more of the Joico K-Pak HLG to create golden ribbons running throughout, as well as face framing her summer golden shade.  Glazed entire hair with Joico Chrome G8......Gorgeous haircolor on a beautiful lady!


Keeping It Real....Modern

Sherry Ratay's Salon Ratay in Central Florida conducts a photo shoot every two years to showcase its talented team and beautiful color work.  Collection photos serve as consultation tools for illustrating hair color needs, likes and results.  The photos are created "the Ratay way"with work done by Ratay junior colorists, salon designers and with clients serving as models.  The photos are on display throughout Salon Ratay as evidence of the quality work coming out of Team Ratay.  "There is no fake or phony work," says Ratay.  "Each collection showcases the Ratay brand and the quality that stands behind it."

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

IBS Las Vegas Beauty Show

 Wow what a great weekend with discussions including, Salon professional business building, Haircolor, eye color, skin tone, and personality.  I hope I have inspired other hairdressers to think out of the box when formulating for someones haircolor, it is so vital to analyze all aspects of someones life, do not forget to take the time to analyze someones personality.
  If you put a soft and delicate haircolor on someone that wants to have haircolor that stops people on the streets how many shades are within that style.  Well what more can I say than sorry honey you missed it.  You only have one opportunity to create haircolor on that one guest, make sure you rock it out!  Here are a few photos from this past weekend in Vegas...What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas:)

5 Rock Star Celebrity Formulas

Fabulous pipes, rockin’ style and amazing hair. These ladies don’t just rule the music scene—they’ve also made a name for themselves as bonafide style stars. With the whole world watching—and emulating—their every move, you better believe their unique color formulas are on the top of your clients’ must-have lists. From Hayley Williams’ electric red to Adele’s warm and soothing blonde, Sherry Ratay, owner of Sherry Ratay Salon in Lake Mary, FL, provides the pro scoop on how to recreate rock royalty chart-topping hues.


Faith Hill
Starting Level:
Retouch: Joico K-PAK 2 oz 9A + 2 oz 20-volume. Process for 45 minutes, shampoo and dry. 
Highlights: Alternate Joico Vero-Lights + 20-volume and Joico Chrome B6 + Activator. These formulas create a soft shade on shade gold. Process, shampoo and dry.
Glaze: Joico Chrome 2 oz G9 + 2 oz Activator. Process for 10 minutes, cleanse and dry.


Sharon Osbourne
Starting Level:
3 with 80% gray
Retouch: L’Oréal Professionnel INOA 8 g 5.56/5.RvR + 8 g 5.0/5.N + 60 g 20-volume + 40 g Oleo Gel
Midlengths and Ends: INOA 8 g 5.56/5.RvR + 30 g 30-volume + 20 g Oleo Gel. Process for 35 minutes, cleanse and dry.
Glaze: 16 g 6.60/6.RRR + 60 g 10-volume + 40 g Oleo Gel. Process for 20 minutes, cleanse and dry.


 Hayley Williams
Starting Level:
Retouch: Wella Koleston Perfect 2 oz 77/44-77/RR + 2 oz 6%
Midlengths and Ends: Wella Color Touch 1 oz + 7/43-7/RG + ½ oz 0/34-0/GR + 3 oz 1.9%. Process for 45 minutes, cleanse and dry.

Kelly Osbourne
Starting Level:
Retouch: Clairol 7th Stage Lightener + 4oz of Clairol 20-volume + 3 packets Lightening Activators + 2oz Crème Hair Lightener.
Midlengths and Ends: Clairol 7th Stage Lightener + 4 oz Clairol 20-volume + 2 packets Lightening Activators + 2 oz Crème Hair Lightener. Apply only to midlengths and ends after retouch, process 50-70 minutes to a pale yellow, shampoo and dry. 
Glaze: Redken Shades EQ 2 oz 09T + 1 cap Blue Kicker + 2 oz SEQ Processing Solution.  Process for 10 minutes, cleanse and dry.

Starting Level:
Retouch: INOA 16 g 8.33/8.GG + 60 g 20-volume + 40 g Oleo Gel
Midlengths and Ends: 16 g 8.34/8.GC + 60 g 30-volume + 40 g Oleo Gel. Process for 35 minutes, cleanse and dry. 
Highlights: L’Oreal Platinium Ammonia Free + 20-volume. Starting at the nape, create soft pieces running throughout the hair, creating the most lightness around the face. Process to a pale yellow, cleanse and dry.
Glaze: L’Oreal Dia Lights 1.7 oz 9.3/9.G + 2.6 oz 6-volume. Process for 10 minutes, cleanse and dry.