Saturday, October 18, 2014

Ohio Premiere Beauty Classic Show

Rolling Video in 5…4…3…2………this is what I hear in the far distance as I prepare to walk on to stage and present the Ratay Way of coloring hair. It is always natural to have those butterflies before presenting, no matter the size of the audience, but if you’re prepared and grounded in the information your presenting the fear dissipates. This past weekend I traveled to Columbus, Ohio for the Premiere’s Beauty Classic Show. The Premiere Beauty Classic Show was the first trade show I started teaching at. Since then I have taught the past four years at this show, but this was my first main stage presentation
The Beauty Classic Show was a little different than many other shows I have taught at. This year I was offered an 80 minute main stage presentation in front of a seven hundred plus audience. Originally my mentor, Beth Minardi, was scheduled to do a presentation for the show, but unfortunately due to a family matter she was unable to appear. When I was contacted by Premiere Show Groups to fill in for Beth, I was elated at this opportunity as well as hesitant on how the attendees would respond considering many of them were expecting to see Beth. Although, I must say the show went very well; the audience was very warming and responsive. After it was over I received an overwhelming flow of compliments on how wonderful the presentation went, and how much they loved my passion for teaching hair color. One woman said “she was disappointed about Beth, but she enjoyed every minute of the presentation; it exceeded her expectations”.
The most exhilarating part of the show to me was the revolving microphone. I love hearing the voices of the attendees, and their true questions. As the mic was passed and the audience became more inquisitive, I was asked many questions such as grey coverage, creating a violet plum shade, and, my favorite, the mathematical lift and deposit equation. It is enclosed below.

                Lift Equation                                                                                                          Example
·         Natural level                                                                                                         4
·         Color level, add together                                                                                   8, 12
·         Divide by two                                                                                                        /2
·         Final level of lift                                                                                                    =6

Although my presentation was only eighty minutes, the attendees and I left wishing there was more time. In addition to my lecture, I colored three models the day before the show and enhanced my redhead model on stage. I will conclude with the three formulas I used on my gorgeous models in creating natural, believable beautiful hair color at Premiere’s Beauty Classic Show.

                                Natural level 6 Dark Blonde
Formula 1:             Joico Base Breaker 20vol
Formula 2:             Highlight: Vero lights 20vol
Formula 3:             Lowlight: Beth Minardi Signature (BMS)
                                Demi Crème 8BB 1oz, 9GO 1oz, 5vol 2oz
Formula 4:             Glaze: BMS liquid 10G 2oz, 10vol 2oz

                                Natural level 3 Dark Brown
Formula 1:             Highlights: BMS permanent 9ICE 2oz,  
                                20vol 2oz
Formula 2:             Glaze: BMS demi liquid 7BG 1oz, 8WG
                                1oz, 5vol 2oz

                                Red Head
                                Natural Level 7 Medium Blonde
Formula 1:             Lowlights in bottom nape: BMS demi
                                crème 7NCG 1oz, 1oz 5vol
Formula 2:             Mid-sides and top panel: BMS permanent
                                8RG 1oz, 1oz 20vol
Formula 3:             Mid-sides and top panel: BMS demi
                                crème 7NCG 1oz, 1oz 9GO, 2oz 5vol
Formula 4:             Glaze: BMS demi liquid 2oz 10C, 1oz 8C,
                                 3oz 5vol