Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Beth Minardi Signature "Rolodex Wrap"

Beth Minardi Signature "Rolodex Wrap"

Now, for those over 40 we know what Rolodex is but for those under 30....let me give you a brief definition. A Rolodex is  a desktop card index used to record names, addresses, and telephone numbers, in the form of a rotating spindle or a small tray to which removable cards are attached. The Rolodex coloring technique is a design to replicate the hair coloring days of the 1940's. As you can see in the picture below, the foils look exactly like the card index tray.   The technique follows the shape of the head with very fine delicate slices alternating multiple shades.  Another known description of Rolodex is shade on shade. For the selection of color, if someone is a natural 6, we would alternate level by using 7, 8 or 9. 

 Beth Minardi's"Rolodex Wrap" was held in Columbus, Ohio on June 8th.   It was a great event with a gratifying group.  I had such wonderful conversations with the attendees.  The one question that stood out to me was, What would happen if we did the Rolodex with aggressive colors? For example, black and red. Using the Rolodex technique will give a very avant-garde result.  It will be bold and fun, remember to follow the very fine delicate slices!

By the end of the day everyone was enthusiastic and successful, receiving their certification that they can be proud to hang up and conquer the Rolodex!!

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